The Bizarre Alex Jones trial highlights; With Punitive damage phase ahead, jury awards Sandy Hook parents $4.1 Million

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Alex Jones leaves the stand with Judge Maya Guerra Gamble presidingBriana Sanchez/Pool via Reuters

A jury has awarded the separated parents of Sandy Hook Shooting victim Jesse Lewis 4.1 million dollars in the Alex Jones defamation suit. The compensatory phase has now ended. Experts have pointed out, the punitive phase is often where large settlements are given.
Jesse Lewis' parents Neil Heslin and Scarlett LewisHilary Swift/The New York Times

Jesse’s parents Neil Heslin and Scarlett Lewis told the 12 jurors about the horrors they endured after Alex Jones followers harassed them and even sent them death threats over the years. Alex Jones accused the media, gun control advocates and the families of faking their child's death.

No-nonsense judge Maya Guerra Gamble told Alex Jones earlier in the week that the trial wasn't the Alex Jones show. She told him again yesterday, “the lawyers ask the questions and you answer them. That’s it." Jones stated on his Infowars show recently that he would be Judge Gamble's Waterloo. On Tuesday the Judge told him to stop lying under oath to further his message.
Jesse Lewis lost his life at 6 y/o during the Sandy Hook Mass Shooting on 2012Scarlett Lewis/Choose Love Foundation

The big bombshell was the released cell phone data. The defendants legal team accidentally sent over two years of Alex Jones's cell phone data to lawyer Mark Bankston after Jones said that he couldn’t find any texts on Sandy Hook. It showed that Alex Jones had lied and was still promoting conspiracy theories about mass shootings over 5 years after Sandy Hook. It also showed he lied about the companies finances.
The Parents Attorney Mark Bankston & Alex Jones Attorney Andino ReynalBriana Sanchez/Austin American-Statesman/AP

Jones said in the trial that on Infowars biggest day they made $200k. Then Bankston pointed out several days in 2018 they made $800k/day. Jones also lamented that Infowars had only $2 million left in the bank and that they had filed for bankruptcy which he did not disclose. The parents legal team has stated that they need to get to the bottom of their finances and that Jones had taken out over 62 million dollars of Infowars money to hide the fact that they have millions to pay out. Infowars is a private for-profit company and does not have to disclose its finances.
The Infowars website releases a picture of Judge Gamble & Lady Justice with flamesBriana Sanchez/Austin American-Statesman via AP

Attorney Mark Bankston showed the court a photo shared by the Infowars website where Judge Gambles's face was in the foreground of a picture of Lady Justice with flames in the background. Jones explained Lady Justice was on fire and not the judge. He even insinuated that the judge could not be trusted because she worked for Child Protective Services and Jones felt they may be involved in Child Trafficking. He also said on his show that the judge had rigged the trial and the jury pool was a bunch of people that don’t know what planet they are on.

The real star has been Judge Gamble. Her first words to each legal team on day one were “don’t mess." She stated that anytime she felt this was becoming a performance or something other than a trial she would remove the cameras and verbally confront anyone that was getting out of hand. She has even scolded one of the photographers for having a camera that was too loud. Judge Gamble said, “How is the shutter on silent when it’s not silent. Do you know how to fix it?".
Alex Jones is greeted by his lawyer Andino Reynal with his mouth taped with a "save the first" messageBriana Sanchez/Austin American-Statesman via AP

The judge has earned her money. The antics have been many including defense Attorney F Andino Reynal chewing gum and the interruptions by Jones to orate. Jones even told Judge Gamble that she was trying to shut him up and that was never going to happen. Without her, this trial would be out of control. After banging her gavel to end one court session last week, lawyers Bankston and Reynal almost started going to blows after the judge told the defense team to stop calling their opposition personal injury lawyers.

The biggest worry for Jones may not even be Judge Gamble or this trial. The September 6 committee has now asked Bankston to release all of Alex Jones’ data to them. Bankston told the judge that if she doesn’t give him a ruling not to, he will do it. Reynal has asked for time go over the data but she said he had a whole year to go over it and that he never told Bankston to destroy it within the 10 day period. She finally gave him permission to look over the data as best he could. Reynal also asked for a mistrial and she asked if he was joking. She did not grant it.

Friday will be the start of the punitive damages phase of the trial.

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