Remembering Penny Marshall on the 30th Anniversary of A League Of Their Own.

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The simplest of things.

This July marks the 30th anniversary of the incredible baseball movie, A League of Their Own. The guts and determination shown by director Penny Marshall were the driving force in sharing a part of American history that few knew.

When the death of Penny Marshall was announced a week before Christmas in 2018 there was great sadness around the world. A simple tomboy, who grew up to be a giant on the small and big screen, gave us entertainment that the whole family could enjoy. Her comedy partner Cindy Williams keeps the memory of Penny alive at fanfests and interviews.
Penny Marshall and Madonna on the set of "A League of Their Own."The Everett Collection

That hit show with Penny Marshall & Cindy Williams was Laverne & Shirley. It took television by storm with their honest friendship and quirky costars. The show brought the world so many laughs with hilarious bumps along the way. It was innocent, fun, and made you feel good to watch it. It was a spin-off of another historic show, Happy Days. It shared the innocence of the time and the overall love and compassion the characters had for one another and allowed people to escape. It was a world with a lot of craziness, with a band of misfits that cared for one another. From Little House on the Prairie to the Walton's, the shows of the time made people feel good. They made viewers laugh, cry, and remember their interactions with friends, family, and siblings.

Most people could relate to Laverne DeFazio. A tomboy, a little vulgar, who was very real and raw. Everyone fell in love with them. Cindy Williams played the prude Shirley creating a comedy team made in heaven.

Penny Marshall had one of the great careers after Laverne and Shirley ended. With the support of her amazingly talented brother Garry, she directed and produced such movies as Jumpin' Jack Flash, Big, A League of Their Own, Cinderella Man, Renaissance Man, and Awakenings. The movie Big became the first 100 million dollar film that was directed by a woman. Each film is an inspiration to so many people that still resonates today.
The Cast of Laverne & ShirleyClick Americana

Time is a cruel mistress that takes away the people we love, along with the entertainers of our youth that brought us so much joy And many times as adults, we can get through difficult situations by watching shows of the past that made us laugh, cry, and remember. Penny Marshall gave us those feelings by sharing her talent. The sharing of love, honesty, compassion, and kindness through her work will live on forever.

The simplest of things.

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