How TikTok Is Affecting Global Culture

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TikTok, also formerly known as, was a huge hit when it released to the market back in April 2014.

Its original plan was to allow others to connect by dancing or doing a collaborative sing-along to popular songs and to quickly enable younger people from 1st grade and above to become content creators.

It was a huge success! People love the idea of creating unique ways to use these features to their absolute max.

This was similar to when Instagram made it easier for people to distribute content through photography and filter settings. TikTok is taking the same approach to that but for videos.

However, the app from where it began has had a massive overhaul. People have been creating meme videos, creating weird and funny challenges, but what it did change the market was marketing.

Yes! Companies go on TikTok to help with their marketing campaign as they’ve been given the tools and the framework to allow individual marketers to release content to other potential audiences.

A New Demographic

When you think of marketing, you think of corporations and freelancers utilizing social media to distribute content and posts to audiences aged 16–30.

Well, TikTok consists of audiences from as young as 6 years old, creating compilations or even talking about the trends that surround the general demographic of their time.

TikTok is making Snapchat look like an older brother app to younger audiences and don’t get me wrong.

Snapchat is still a great way to market your products to a variety of audiences, but I believe Snapchat will be on its last legs soon.

Even though TikTok is widely used by younger audiences, it will eventually age up towards a broader range of people.

So everyone will have access to great content creation tools.

The Creative Framework

Apps we see today are known as entertainment apps, which we use to create different types of content.

Although a social media marketer, influencer, or company will see these “apps” as tools to help build their social media presence.

The main reason why Instagram gained value quickly is that it made it easier for customers to take photos and use filters to enhance their stories on the app.

Instagram, as shown in Investopedia, has increased over $100M over 6 years.

Instagram naturally turned people who used there an app to become born photographers.

It offered photography advice, filters, and a system where you can like a post based on how good the quality was in the photo. And you gained social media traction in the form of followers to build an audience.

TikTok can be a platform where you can become a professional content creator within the photography and cinematography sector.

Know Your Craft

When you start marketing on TikTok, you need to know why you’re doing it at the highest possible level.

You need to test, learn, and become a practitioner, you need to know your craft to effectively use TikTok to its maximum potential.

So if you want to reach young teenagers and audiences in North America, then TikTok is the way to go on how to do it.

You need to learn every nook and cranny of TikTok and how to maximize your e-commerce potential on the app.

That way, you will know how to effectively share your content, get feedback to improve your content. And gain a social media following based on your performance within the app.


I have discovered that TikTok has overtaken primary industry-leading apps such as Facebook, Instagram & Snapchat in a variety of ways.

By offering almost the same tailored service to train the future generation in marketing and influencing.

Also, TikTok has already been ruled out by the supreme court in India.

Making it harder for aspiring entrepreneurs and content creators to thrive within their own country, which poses a massive threat to the Indian social media industry.

Cutting out a huge chunk of the middle eastern audience is a terrible idea as it’s like the Indian government is cutting off freedom of speech to its people on social media.

Which could potentially ruin a future career for a young creator within the entertainment sector?

Even with limitations from the government, the people will always find loopholes and ways around this to allow them to express themselves. This is where becoming a practitioner comes from.

This is why you need to keep learning and adapting to the new features TikTok has to offer so you can stay 10 steps ahead of the game and up to date.

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