How To Conquer Impostor Syndrome

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You walk into work one day, and you’ve got the opportunity to become a supervisor.

It has all the benefits, and you have submitted your resume, which demonstrates that you’re more than qualified for the job.

You shake your managers’ hand and sit down while your supervisor checks over your resume and cover letter for this prestigious position.

They know you’re ready for it.

Even the CEO mentioned to you personally that he wants you to move up.

You feel admired beyond belief.

Suddenly, you start to feel uneasy; you begin to overthink and presume you’re an actor in someone else’s skin.

You worry you won’t be qualified for this job, and you start telling yourself that you’re going to let everyone down.

The hiring manager asks you a collection of questions that you have the answers to.

However, your responses feel fake as you disclose them to your superiors.

If you have found yourself in a similar situation, then you’re not alone.

And that this has happened to almost everyone who’s gone through a significant life event.

I’ve been there on multiple occasions; it’s not fun even though you did something creative or exclusive to society. This condition is a known phenomenon of Impostor Syndrome.

No, it’s not an actual syndrome that lasts forever; it’s a temporary feeling where you feel like you don’t deserve what you did.

It means you’ve succeeded at a skill too fast, and it’s getting you somewhere in society; it’s helping you advance in life and get ahead when you least expect it.

It’s also known for success, even when you may not feel like it deep inside.

So, how do you overcome this problem and make it a syndrome of the past?

Well, let’s talk about some solutions.

However, remember this:

  • You’re not alone
  • Everyone will feel like this in there career
  • Understand self-criticism

Let’s shine a light on impostor syndrome and help you overcome it.

Recognize The (FEAR)

Impostor syndrome also is known as False Evidence Appearing Real. The American Psychological Association mentions that you’re not alone, and it’s common.

What does it mean?

It means for you that you received an opportunity, such as a promotion or advancement in your career. And you think to yourself that you’re not ready or feel unprepared to face the new challenges.

“It’s estimated that 70 percent of the U.S. population has experienced what’s known as impostor syndrome.”

Don’t compare yourself to other people in the same position if you feel like a fraud; it’s your flaws that are holding you back from success.

Listen to music and remind yourself that you are here for a reason, you worked hard enough to prove to other than you’re the top dog of your career.

Look At The Truth

When you have an attack of impostor syndrome, you will naturally fear that what you are capable of isn’t the truth.

So say if you are getting handed down a CEO position from a family member and the company was known for being a huge success, etc.

Then naturally, you will feel that you aren’t quite ready for that position yet.

You haven’t even attempted at the new job; once you give it a go, then everything will change from your perspective.

You will have to say to yourself:

“I have been put here for a reason, I have my purpose of providing for this company.”

This short sentence will help you massively with self-motivation and confidence, allowing you to thrive further than ever before.

The evidence of your achievements is right in front of you; you deny the truth as the fear shows up at the same moment.

Don’t let your mind feed you fake news and made up hoax stories. Have a go and see how you feel.

Talk To Someone

Sometimes the truth can be too hard to believe during impostor syndrome; you will have to attempt at talking to another human being.

Try talking to a friend, trusted colleague, or mentor to help you as they can understand the problems that you’re experiencing.

They will talk to you about all the great achievements you have pursued and won as well as mention topics that explain you’re fantastic to take your mind off the fear.

This medium is one of the best solutions as you have someone you trust, and you can get reassurance with the benefits of having a trustworthy friendship.

Benefits Of Impostor Syndrome

When you look at yourself with impostor syndrome, you envision yourself just filled to the brim of negativity; you are afraid of the consequences of fraud syndrome. So you avoid looking at the benefits of this condition.

While having an episode of impostor syndrome, you will become more humble.

“I think the most creative people veer between ambition and anxiety, self-doubt, and confidence. I can definitely relate to that. We all go through that: “Am I doing the right thing?” “Is this what I’m meant to be doing?” — Daniel Radcliffe

Try to question your value as you’ll be able to self reflect on how to improve for the next time you have an occurrence in the future.

Become aware of your weakness as well; this will help you with self-motivation. You will then naturally avoid the blind spots of impostor syndrome and help build your plan for prevention in the future.

Right Now & 30 Days Later

Look at yourself right now, self assess your situation, and then do the same, but do it in a 30–90 day time period and see if the decision was worth it.

Accept where you right now, and experience the moment and notice your flaws.

Surely, you will feel much better that you’ve given it your best shot, and you have achieved great success since overcoming the fraud syndrome.

Lastly, each and everyone that goes through this feeling has its unique strategies when it comes to coping with an attack.

Make sure your strategies are keeping you healthy, humble, and productive to keep moving forward.


Congratulations on getting yourself to where you are today, no matter the pain and mentality you have suffered. Everyone deserves a vast amount of success if you put in the work.

Look at where you are in time and recognize your flaws, write them down, and get reassured by a friend.

You won’t regret it.

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