A Few Great Beaches to Visit In Indiana

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When the weather gets warmer, something just seems to draw us to the beach.

The thought of warm sand and cool water can instantly make you feel relaxed.

Those warm summer days are able to fill our memories and we can return to them in our minds during those colder months.

If you live in Indiana, there is great access to Lake Michigan. This giant, fresh-water lake has some tremendous beaches that are worth checking out.

However, there are other beaches besides the Great Lake.

This will just be a short guide to give you some insights into what's available.

Indiana Dunes

Indiana Dunes is located in the Northwest part of the state. What makes this place unique is that it features more than a dozen different sections.

We can find Indiana Dunes at the southern point of Lake Michigan, just to the east.

This gives you over 15 miles of amazing beaches. There is nothing that interferes with the shoreline so you can enjoy the vast stretch of nice sand and water.

Then, there are all the dunes. The dunes reach up pretty high with some reaching nearly 200 feet. This will give you a good workout and then you can cool off in the water after.

Pike Lake and Center Lake

Pike Lake and Center Lake are two public beaches that are great places to spend a day off. They appeal to families and anyone who wants to enjoy some sun and sand.

A big reason that those of these lakes appeal to families is that they are both sand-bottom lakes. For anyone who doesn't like anything slimy or growing in the water, this is a perfect alternative.

This makes it great for swimming, or just wading through. There are also lifeguards that are on duty which gives you even more peace of mind.

Pike Lake and Center Lake are more than just for splashing around: there are many other things available.

There is a boat launch if you want to take your boat out for the day, but also a playground in case the kids get bored of the water.

There are also some vending machines if you're looking for a quick snack.

One last thing is that there are restrooms available, making this a very convenient place to visit.

Morse Park

With Morse Park; you get a beach and park combined together. You will find Morse Park in Hamilton County.

This is a unique place, as the 23-acre park offers a few different activities. Not only do you have the lake, but the entire area is surrounded by forests, trees, and hills.

Many people come here not just for the swimming, but to spend the whole day. It is a great place for picnics. Many others like to fish.

If you are more sporty, volleyball is a popular activity at Morse Park.

And most unique: there is an 18-hole disc golf course if you love Frisbee golf. You can be a beginner and still find this a very fun activity.

You can also bring a change of clothes and get freshened up as Morse Park has a bathhouse with showers and restrooms.

You can even keep your stuff safe in the lockers that are available.

Washington Park Beach

Washington Park Beach is located in Michigan City, Indiana. This will take you back to Lake Michigan and the sprawling views of this giant lake.

You also get miles of beaches. But this beach is more than just fun-in-the-sun. There are several different activities available at Washington Park Beach.

Probably most notable is the zoo. It's a small zoo, but something you would not usually expect at a beach.

There is also a lighthouse which makes for some great pictures. Washington Park Beach is a popular place to not only swim but to surf.

Things can get windy on Lake Michigan and this can create some decent waves.

Porter Beach

Located in Porter, Indiana, Porter Beach is another great choice if you want to head to Lake Michigan.

This is another location that is nearby the Indiana dunes. Porter Beach is a clean area that isn't always crowded so you can feel a bit calmer there.

However, on a pleasant and sunny day, it can get crowded just like any other beach.

Many people love to come to Porter Beach by car or bike. There is parking available no matter what mode of transportation you take.

There are also restrooms available. And on very clear days, you are able to see the city of Chigaco.

Final Thoughts

This is just a small sampling of what's available in Indiana when it comes to Lake Michigan and regular lakes.

The great thing about this state is how much it can offer if you're looking for a day at the beach.

You may already have your go-to choice for a beach day, but hopefully, this encourages you to explore more of this great state.

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