What Are Some of the Top Beaches in Illinois?

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Once the summer hits in Illinois, it’s time to enjoy everything that Lake Michigan has to offer. This giant freshwater lake also has some of the best beaches around.

If you’re looking for a day of fun in the sun, you’ll want to make the most of some of these great beaches. There are many to choose from, but this will be a quick look at some of the options.

You may already have your favorites, so hopefully, this covers some new ones.

Grab your beach towel, sunscreen, and picnic lunch, to check out some of the top beaches in Illinois.

Rosewood Beach

A popular beach with a great boardwalk, Rosewood Beach is located at: 883 Sheridan Road, Highland Park, IL, 60035-4703.

Rosewood Beach isn’t enormous but is still a comfortable spot. The sand is very soft and the water is cool. The scenery is also quite special as you get the beach, water, trees, and unique rock areas.

There is also a park at this beach which will make kids happy. You will also find restrooms that make things much more convenient. There are even drinking fountains.

It’s a beautiful area, and some people have even had weddings here.

Centennial Beach

Located in Naperville, Centennial Beach is the choice if you don’t want to head to Lake Michigan. This used to be an old quarry but they converted it into a swimmable area in 1931.

This has created a unique recreation area where there are many things for families and kids to enjoy, too. The swimming area has been designed with several features to make it kid-friendly.

One feature includes a slide that goes into shallow water. This makes it more appealing for younger kids.

This beach also has diving boards so it is a much more interactive place to swim and enjoy the water.

Centennial Beach also has a grassy area which is perfect to picnic on.

Waukegan Municipal Beach

We’re back to Lake Michigan and Waukegan Municipal Beach which can be found at: 201 E Sea Horse Dr, Waukegan, IL 60085.

This beach lets you see all the majesty of the Great Lake. There are long stretches of soft sandy beach and miles of water in front of you. This is one of those beaches where you may feel like you’re at the ocean.

A lot of waves can come in and the strong winds make it a great place for parasailers. There’s a long pier that goes out into the water, too.

The great thing here is that there are several restaurants and other attractions within three miles of Waukegan Municipal Beach. You can enjoy a day in the sun, and then easily find something to eat after.

Montrose Beach

Montrose Beach is unique as you get not only lake views but part of the city, too. It’s located at 4400 North Lake Shore Drive, Chicago IL 60613.

This is a great beach to go to if you are a dog owner as it features a dog area. This is an easy beach to get to, but it can get popular so keep that in mind.

There are a ton of great activities you can do at Montrose Beach including:

  • Paddleboarding
  • Rent bicycles
  • Fishing
  • Walking
  • Boating
  • Swimming
  • Kayaking

The paddleboards, bikes, and kayaks can all be rented in the summer months. This makes it easy as you don’t have to bring much with you to still enjoy an active day at the lake.

Montrose Beach is a great place for families, kids, and dogs.

Illinois Beach State Park

This is the perfect combination of beach and state park all rolled into one. You can consider this a nature preserve and it’s perfect if you want a more adventurous day.

There are many trails if you want to be active and hike. But you can still just lay on the beach and enjoy the sun and sand.

There is really clear water at Illinois Beach State Park, and the lake is so expansive that you may also think you are at the ocean.

This can be a great place to look for unique rocks as there are many on the shoreline. The color of the water can be pretty incredible and it makes for a great day to enjoy this unique part of the lake.

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