What Are Some of the Top Beaches In Pennsylvania?

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The state of Pennsylvania sits in a unique position as part of it borders along Lake Erie.

This gives the residents of PA access to many great beaches.

Lake Eris is large enough that you sometimes feel like you're at the ocean. But there are also great beaches in the many state parks.

New York State and Ohio both border Lake Erie, but this will be a look at several great beaches available that are part of Pennsylvania.

These are in no particular order, but give a quick rundown of what some of the top options are if you're looking to enjoy a day out.

Presque Isle State Park

Location: 301 Peninsula Dr, Erie, PA 16505

This state park includes several beaches and a great amount of coastline to enjoy. This is the perfect spot to enjoy the summer.

If you're looking for the perfect day out, and to enjoy some summertime fun and relaxation, Presque Isle State Park is a perfect choice.

You can feel safe as the beaches have lifeguards on duty so you can enjoy the water while being monitored. There are also change rooms so you don't have to spend the day in your bathing suit.

A day at the beach is made better by bringing a great picnic, but if you'd rather, this state park features concession stands so you can enjoy refreshments at any time.

What makes Presque Isle State Park unique is that one of the beaches--Waterworks beach--features a wheelchair ramp, making it much more accessible.

Waterworks beach also features a playground for the kids, and a picnic pavilion if you were thinking about bringing your own lunch or dinner.

Bald Eagle State Park

Location: 149 Main Park Rd., Howard, PA 16841

Bald Eagle State Park is a stunning area that not only has a large beach but is surrounded by hills and trees. It's the perfect combination of different types of scenery and it makes the views extra special.

At this state park, you get access to a large lake. The lake is over 1,700 acres, making it a perfect place to stay cool on the hot summer days.

The beach is around 1,200 feet long but also has a grassy area if you want somewhere cooler to lay down. Bald Eagle State Park gives you a lot of options for how to enjoy your day.

At this state park, you also get a playground that will keep younger children entertained. There are also change rooms so you can bring as many changes of clothes as you need for the day.

You also don't have to worry about bathrooms as Bald Eagle State Park has them available. And if you're looking to enjoy some snacks for the day, there is also a great concession stand.

Poe Valley State Park

Location: 136 Poe Valley Rd., Penn Township, PA 176832

Poe Valley State Park is another great state park where you get a variety of landscapes in one area.

Besides the lake and the bach, there are the hills and forests which show off Pennsylvania's tremendous natural beauty.

This is a smaller beach and state park, so you may like it better as it feels smaller and more contained.

The beach itself is around 25 acres, but this makes it easier to stay together if you are there with family and kids. The entire state park is only around 620 acres.

But this small size makes it feel more intimate. The sand is soft and golden, and the water is cool and refreshing.

If you get bored just sitting on the sand, Poe Valley offers some great hiking trails. This is the perfect setup as after you're done hiking, you can cool off in the water.

If you're still feeling adventurous, you can rent paddle boats and go out to explore the lake.

Then, you can stay for dinner and grill up some meats on the charcoal grills available within the park.

Pine Grove Furnace State Park

Location: 1100 Pine Grove Rd., Gardners, PA 17324

Pine Grove is a unique state park. There are two beaches available here. This includes:

  • Fuller Lake which is 2 acres big
  • Laurel Lake which is 25 acres big

Fuller lake is particularly interesting. Not only is it designated just for swimming: it's considered one of the coldest lakes in all of Pennsylvania.

If you prefer boating and swimming; Laurel Lake is available for both. There is soft white sand on both beaches, and more nature and forests surround you.

Having magnificent state parks like Pine Grove makes enjoying a day at the beach extra enjoyable.

There are many other great beaches and state Parks within Pennsylvania, but this should give you a good place to start if you're looking for a great summer beach day.

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