6 of the Best Beaches in Michigan

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The Best Beaches in MichiganPhoto by Nichole Thrasher on Unsplash

Michigan is in a unique geographical position. It is quite far north, borders with Canada, and touches on four of the great lakes:

  • Lake Michigan
  • Lake Huron
  • Lake Erie
  • Lake Superior

This is an amazing pace to have access to great beaches and we get the name Michigan from the Ojibwe word "mishigami" which means "large water," or "large lake."

This gives Michigan access to some of the best beaches in North America, especially along the great lakes.

If you live in Northern Michigan, you know that they are some of the best. If you've never been to Michigan, you are pretty spoiled for great choices.

There are many options to consider, but let's look at 6 great ones to start with—in no particular order.

1. Grand Haven

We're in West Michigan for Grand Haven beach on Lake Michigan. There are two different beaches to access in the downtown area. There is Grand Haven state park along with Grand Haven City Beach.

This is a unique area with plenty of attractions and amenities to keep everyone happy. There are also two unique red lighthouses and the Grand Haven pier.

The great thing about Grand Haven is that it's not far from Grand Rapids, so it's not a long commute if you live in that area.

This is also a dog-friendly area and you will even find water bowls scattered through the downtown area.

2. Lexington, MI

We're moving over to Lake Huron to Lexington. This is a quieter and more chilled out town and a great place to relax and unwind.

The beach is at Lexington State Harbor which features a great boardwalk. The pier goes out pretty far into the water which is great for relaxing or watching some amazing sunsets.

The town of Lexington is small but quaint. It feels like a nice beachside town and you can find great food, ice cream, and shopping.

There are also more beaches scattered around the area. If you drive up the M-25, you will find more sandy options and parks.

These are quiet locations and great to explore to find some new hidden gems.

3. Port Crescent State Park

For these beaches, were heading up to the tip part of the thumb of Michigan. Port Crescent State Park is situated in Saginaw Bay.

This is nearby the towns of Caseville and Port Austin which gives you options for places to stay, eat, and shop.

Here you will find over 3 miles of sandy beach along the shoreline. There is a great boardwalk if you want some more stable walking surfaces.

There are also great trails if you want to hike or get off the beaten path. Lake Huron is clean, clear, and beautiful and these beaches let you enjoy the crystal clear waters.

Port Crescent State Park is great for families, kids, or anyone who wants to dip their toes in the sand while watching the waves come rolling in.

4. Hoffmaster State Park

We're back to Lake Michigan for Hoffmaster State Park. This area provides another 3 miles of beautiful sandy beaches.

This area is close to Grand Haven and is just five miles north. This is a great beach to go to if you want to enjoy a full day. There are observation decks, picnic areas, grills, volleyball, and restrooms.

There is also the option to camp if you want to enjoy the full starry skies. The days can also be spent hiking through the trails available in this state park.

One thing that makes this beach stand out are the large dunes which give you impressive views of the surrounding water and landscape.

5. Warren Dunes State Park

This beach is in Western Michigan. You will find it between some other great beaches including New Buffalo and St. Josephs.

This is considered more of a secret beach area as many people tend to journey to more popular ones. But that's what makes it worth checking out.

There are almost 2000 acres along the coastline. This is another area with really high sand dunes that slope down towards the lake. The high dunes give you amazing views of Lake Michigan.

Many people come to the state park, but the beach is large enough to find your own spot and not feel too crowded.

6. Twelvemile Beach

For this beach, we are up at Lake Superior and the amazing terrain located there.

This beach can be found in the middle of the Rocks National Lakeshore. This area is unique as the beach is surrounded by woods.

Twelvemile Beach is located about 15 minutes away from Grand Marais. It features beachfront campgrounds and rugged terrain--but still has an amazing beach.

In this area you will find:

  • waterfalls
  • painted rock formations
  • forests
  • pristine water

It's truly an amazing place and worth exploring.

Final Thoughts

This list only just scratches the surface. There are so many great beaches throughout Michigan that it's hard to cover everything.

This gives you a quick glimpse of beaches located in the state. You may have some favorites, but hopefully, this list gave you some new options to consider.

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