6 Simple Ways to Find More Motivation to Exercise

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Exercise is supposed to energize and motivate us. So why does it feel like such a chore sometimes? If you go through periods where the motivation to workout is lacking — don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Sometimes, it can be as simple as your body telling you you need some more rest. I’ve been a personal trainer for over 20 years, and I always preach the importance of rest and recovery to my clients.

If you’ve been scheduling in rest periods, but still go through periods where you don’t feel like being active, here are 6 simple ways to find more motivation.

1. Slow Things Down

Not every workout has to be balls to the wall. You want to push yourself, but you should finish a workout wanting more. Ideally, you would train to 80% of your maximum output and then cut it off.

This way, you leave your body wanting more — and you’re excited about your next workout.

If you’ve been training hard — and lacking motivation — don’t feel that your workouts have to always be so intense. This is the time to slow things down and just let your body move.

Doing light cardio, a hike, and even just some stretching is a great way to stay active while not demanding too much of your body.

You could also do half the amount of your normal workout and this way, you’ll be more motivated to get going as you know it will be more manageable.

2. Move Things Outside

A simple hike, or walk outside is a great way to find some motivation if you’ve been lacking in it. Getting back into nature is always a great way to encourage your body to be active.

It’s more invigorating, and the exposure to fresh air and daylight can do wonders for your energy levels and mood.

You may get sick of having to drive to and from the gym, find parking, find a locker, and be somewhere you might not find safe.

Get outside and get active and you’ll feel more motivated to exercise.

3. Buy Yourself Some New Workout Gear

Some new clothes, or a new pair of shoes, is a great way to get motivated to workout. There’s something about fresh gear that is the ultimate motivator for exercise.

You feel excited to use and wear your new stuff, and you often can’t wait to get to the gym. Even just feeling like you look better in your new clothes is a great motivation to get active.

When you look good, you feel good, and this can lead to some great workouts.

4. Switch Things Up

If you lack workout motivation, you may just be bored with your usual routine. Our bodies get complacent and not only does this make motivation drop — it can make results drop, too.

Our bodies will find the easiest way to do something, and if you’ve been doing the same workout for a long time, your body becomes too accustomed to it.

This can stall progress and results as the stimulus of the workout has become too static.

Your body craves a state of balance and this can diminish your workout if you don’t change things up. Use this time to introduce a new style of workout or new exercises to your routine.

You need to keep your body guessing and this can be great for motivation.

A new training routine will reactivate your mind and get you excited to progress with it. Your body will also reward you with new boosts of energy. It’s important to be consistent with exercise, but remember to switch things up every so often.

The best workout is the one you haven’t done yet.

5. Find Some New Music

Music can be incredibly inspiring and motivating for training. If you’ve been listening to the same playlist, this is the time to switch it up. Find some new workout music, bands, or playlists and cue them up for your next workout.

Some new music may help boost your workout and change up your training experience. You could also find some new podcasts — or audiobooks — so you’ll be excited to workout and listen to them.

Even getting a new pair of headphones or wireless earbuds can be all the motivation you need for a good sweat session.

I recently got a pair of wireless earbuds, and I’ve never been more motivated to go for a run.

6. Train at a New Time

Finding new motivation can be as simple as snapping your body out of a funk. As mentioned, our bodies get complacent, and when you do the same thing day in and day out — motivation can drop.

Change the time of day you train to get a new boost in workout motivation. You’d be amazed at the new sensation that comes from training at a different time. If you usually workout later in the day, try going in the morning.

This will also wake you up, improve your energy levels, and keep your metabolism up through the rest of the day.

Fitness clubs also have a different vibe and atmosphere at different times of the day. They can feel like an entirely new place when you go at a new time, and this new stimulus can help improve your training.

So change up your workout time to make your workouts fresher.

Final Thoughts

If you find yourself lacking the motivation to workout — it’s normal. The first thing is that it may be a sign from your body that you need more rest — so plug in a few more recovery days.

If you still lack motivation, it’s time to switch things up. This could be a new training program or a whole new type of exercise.

You can also use some of these tips to find that little bit of motivation that helps encourage you to exercise.

Remind yourself that not every workout has to be a big epic event. Sometimes, just getting in something quick is all that you need. Try out some alternative ways to motivate yourself and make a note of how you respond to each.

This way, you’ll know what to tap into the next time you feel your motivation isn’t there.

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