The Tough Love Book About Money

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The Tough LOVE Book About MONEYImage courtesy of Frederick Zappone

The Tough LOVE Book About MONEY by Frederick Zappone

You lack money because you Don’t Know Sh*t About Money

This book really got on my nerves.

Maybe it’s just that the title doesn’t match the book. It isn’t just that but let’s pretend for a minute that it is.

You pick up a book called: “The Tough LOVE Book About MONEY: (You lack money because you Don’t Know Sh*t About Money)”

What would you expect?

I’d expect a no-bs book about money. One that explains what money is, and how to get more of it, in a no nonsense way.

Instead this is a rambling new age self-help book about the law of attraction as it pertains to money.

If that’s your usual bag then have at it.

But here’s my two pennies’ worth — for whatever they’re worth:

Several paragraphs of dogsh*t does not a chapter make.

You’re not allowed to say your book is tough love or no-bs if you’re a proponent of the law of attraction — the law of attraction is total bs.

Don’t say that people don’t know sh*t about money if you know sh*t all about money.

He keeps saying money is just PAPER. I tried pretending that he was just being metaphorical but my brain kept blurting out: “He isn’t being metaphorical! He just knows sh*t all about money!”

I like the general idea that you shouldn’t give your power away to money. But this is by no means a ‘tough love book about money.’ It’s just a bunch of repetitive statements about the law of attraction.

At best you could try to take it as an attitude adjustment about money. But there are better books out there about money and better books about changing your attitude towards it.

Near the end of the book he even gets bored and starts to apply the self-same generic statements about changing your attitude towards money to changing your attitude towards god instead.

Cheque please!

To quote The Princess Bride: “Life is pain, highness. Anyone who says differently is selling something.”

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