The Magic of Israel Regardie

James Garside

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I listened to The Magic of Israel Regardie by Christopher Hyatt.

It isn’t so much a discussion of ‘The Magic of Israel Regardie’ as ‘the half-formed opinions of Christopher Hyatt, who lived and worked with Israel Regardie, with a brief discussion of what he thinks Regardie thought about magic and the occasional name-drop of Regardie thrown in for good measure.’

I say that with love.

The recording comes across like a long-ranging discussion between Christopher Hyatt and some dumb stoner kid about magic, aliens and the Golden Dawn.

That said, any Regardie is better than no Regardie and you do get some sense of Hyatt’s working relationship with him.

It’s an interesting discussion in its own right and covers many topics including Crowley, Thelema, Rosicrucianism and the various uses of magick with a k as a tool of self-improvement, empowerment and psychotherapy.

There’s a wonderfully nutty discussion of the extraterrestrial origins of mankind, according to the work of Zecharia Sitchin, and how we were created by aliens as a slave race.

I enjoyed listening to this a lot more than I’m letting on.

It’s an obscure recording and an interesting discussion.

Scholars of Israel Regardie would be better served by going to Regardie’s work directly — if you want to know about a tree, go to the tree.

But there’s much of value here if you accept it for what it is.

It doesn’t matter if you believe in magick or not.

We’re all just space-monkeys, really. Think on that.

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