Let’s Explore The Portal To Hell, The Devil’s Gate!

Have you heard about the Pasadena personal portal to hell? Anyways, I heard about it a few days ago, and as soon as I heard about it, I was unable to resist my temptation to check it out. So, therefore, I went to check it out a few days later, and that too, all alone!

Moreover, since I wanted first-hand experience and surprises on offer at Devil’s gate, I didnt took any more information than I previously had, which I admit was pretty stupid to do. I advise everyone, especially the hikers, to never go on a hike without having enough information regarding the palace or else you might found wanting at some point of your hike.

The hike started at the end of La Canada Verdugo Road. Initially, I could see nothing but a dried-up river bed and some enormous concrete arches. I was also able to see the Satanic rock from the top of the dam.

For those of you getting intrigued about the conditions and vibes out there then, mind you, it was a pretty clear and sunny day. With birds chirping around and no sign of those Hollywood-esque Black clouds, thunderstorms,, or a “bat ambush”, this turnedto be a pretty normal experience in what seemed to be a paranormal site.

Though I continued my hike and soon reached the Devil’s gate, up until this point, the only thing that took me out of my comfort zone was the feeling of being alone in a tranquil place, and that was pretty much it.

As for the Devil’s gate, you would surely expect a man with horns and a pitchfork guarding it 24/7; however, there wasn’t anybody to be seen, and why would it be? Instead, the only thing noticeable was a large rock above the tunnel. Yes, this is the infamous large rock that is said to resemble Satan!

Below was a tunnel that I don’t know how long it is because I decided to go back. After all, it was pretty dark in there, and secondly, the tunnel was creepy. Yes, it was creepy as it had pretty weird faces painted and weird things written on the wall. So I guess it might be worth a look, and I will check it out the next time, with my friends.

So yes, this was the so-called “portal to Hell” which I found pretty hilarious, However, I would definitely not visit the tunnel alone or the place itself, at night.

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