Get Immerse Into A Cake Themed Establishment, As Perfect As Your Childhood Fantasy!

It is difficult to assume somebody passing their childhood without dreaming about a fantasy house made up of cakes and chocolates, isn’t it? Don’t worry, as you have a chance to live that fantasy and discover much more, thanks to Cakeland.

Cakeland is a small green building in Los Angeles’ historic Chinatown. It is for sure one of the most intriguing art installations in California due to the level of detailing and finesse in the work at Cakeland which is commendable.

Although the place itself isn’t big however it is indeed worth a visit due to the mastery on offer. If you take your sweet time, you should be able to find the hidden details.


Moreover, the location is great for some of the most fantasyesque photos you’ll ever take. However, I reckon no matter how many photos a person takes, it can never give even half the thrill that one can get in-person at Cakeland.

The mastery at Cakeland is created by a talented artist, Scott. He has done a lot of work featuring recurring motifs of light and dark represented by cakes, light and sharp objects. The mastery he has formed at Cakeland has to be one of his best.

It would be a spoiler show if I gave you more details than that, so I reckon since you’ve read this far, Cakeland has enticed you a bit, isn’t it? So what are you waiting for, go and grab your tickets from Eventbrite and experience a thrilling fantasyesque experience at Cakeland.

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