Enjoy A Challenging Hike Up To The Top, Where Scintillating Views Await!

How frustrating is it when a group of four friends decides to have a hike, but all four of them insist on going to a different place to hike? Ever happened with you? Because this is something that happened to us not long ago.

My friends and I were planning to have a hike, but we were stuck in deciding the place to have a hike. Everybody had their own opinions, and nobody seemed to let go of their own idea. Therefore, we asked one of our friend’s elder brothers, an expert hiker, to suggest a place to go. We agreed that we would accept his suggestion without any argument.

So it turned out that our friend’s brother suggested we go to Wildwood Canyon Park and experience hiking at one of its trails. As promised, we went there without anyone complaining.

First up, the place had plenty of parking available, and it was easy to get our car parked. We then had a little walk before we saw a trail. After that, we started to hike on the trail. However, what looked to be an easy hike at the start, turned out to be challenging in the end. It was due to the hot baking sun, which was right on to us, and the entire trail saw us hike without even a second of rest under any sort of shade; This is where we missed sunscreen.

Although the hike was pretty steep, it wasn’t too long to get us exhausted. Not to mention the huge lizards we saw that were enough to get our heart rates a notch higher!

Moreover, as soon as we finished our hike, what awaited us were some of the best views of Los Angeles. The whole scene up at the top was so aesthetic and serene that I didnt want to come back, but I had to, as it would get complicated to come down as it gets darker and darker come the evening.

Apart from that, thankfully, the trail wasn’t heavily trafficked, and there weren’t any fears regarding violating COVID protocols. So, all in all, we had a terrific time hiking at the Wildwood Canyon Trail, and thanks to our friend’s brother, my friends and I spent some memorable and fun time after quite some time.

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