Experience A Thrilling Gaming Zone At Los Virtuality - Virtual Reality Gaming Center!

I was planning with my cousins to explore a new place we’ve never been to before. While planning, I got to know about an exciting place. I planned to visit it with my cousins who came to us for vacations. This place is Los Virtuality - Virtual Reality Gaming Center. It is a gaming center where you experience a virtual world by wearing a headset. By this, you can experience all other places and feel as if you are there. At their arcade, they use the Oculus Rift headset and HTC Vive. We played many games there, as we could play as many we wanted. They had games for all the age groups, ranging from 5 to 75. Our grandfather also went with us, and he also enjoyed his visit.

Moreover, we enjoyed playing multi-player games with our family where up to 10 people can play at a time. Some of the games I loved playing were Arizona sunshine, epic roller coaster, job stimulator, Pavlov VR, and Tower Tag. The place has thriller feels. We then also hosted our cousin’s surprise birthday there. They have a setup for other events as well for up to 50 people, and they surprisingly also offered VR rental. We have had a thrilling experience at the place, and we all have enjoyed it a lot.

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