Governor Abbott announces $100 billion plan to "keep Texas as the economic juggernaut of the nation"

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TEXAS - Governor Abbott announced a $100 billion plan to fund a decade-long initiative to improve road safety in Texas.

By improving the roads, which are among the deadliest for drivers in the United States, Governor Abbot hopes "keep Texas as the economic juggernaut of the nation" and make it more inviting to business owners.

I'm proud to announce a record $100 billion plan to strengthen and improve our transportation infrastructure," said Governor Abbott. “Under TxDOT's 2024 Unified Transportation Program, we will dedicate critical funds to bolster our major roadway infrastructure to address the unique needs of Texans in rural, urban, and metropolitan communities. This 10-year plan will further boost our economy and keep Texas the economic juggernaut of the nation."

The multi-billion-dollar plan would increase the number of transportation projects to reduce traffic, refurbish Texas roads, and boost overall road safety.

With such high annual motor vehicle-related death tolls, Texas was in desperate need of a road safety overhaul.

Texas led the United States in motor vehicle deaths (3,874) in 2020. Texas is one of just three states to average over 3,100 motor vehicle-related deaths per year since 2018.

Tragically, Texas and California are the only two states to average over 3,500 deaths from motor vehicle accidents over the past five years.

Given the seriousness and exasperatingly frequent nature of these incidents, it is not surprising to see Governor Abbott approve such a comprehensive revamping of Texas road safety measures.

The 10-year project intends to lower traffic, reduce the number of potholes, refurbish Texas roads, and enhance overall road safety.

Governor Abbott also believes that the plan will have the added benefit of boosting the Texas economy by making the state more inviting to business owners.

It would also help better prepare Texas for the influx of people moving down south, primarily from California.

As the state of Texas continues to see exponential population and economic growth, this funding will help meet the needs of all Texans,” said Texas Transportation Commission Chairman J. Bruce Bugg. “As cities grow every year, it’s important we continue to address congestion in our busiest parts of the state through our Texas Clear Lanes initiative, which is also set to get a significant boost.”

The 10-year, $100B program will be centered around the newly-assembled 2023 Unified Transportation Program (UTP).

The UTP is a planning document that guides the development of transportation projects across the state. Additionally, the UTP identifies public transportation, maritime, aviation, and rail investments.

More information on the UTP projects is available here

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