Texas Governor Greg Abbott criticized President Biden to his face during a trip to survey the border

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TEXAS - Governor Abbott has been one of the most vocal critics of President Biden since he took office.

The Texas governor has routinely criticized his laws and policies, especially regarding immigration, and often blasts Biden on social media and TV appearances.

During Biden's recent trip to El Paso to survey the state of the border, Abbott expressed his disdain for the POTUS to his face.

Upon greeting him at a private airstrip when he landed in Texas, Abbott handed Biden a letter that did not mince words on his disapproval of his Democratic policies.

Your visit to our southern border with Mexico today is $20 billion too little and two years too late," Abbott wrote in the letter.
Moreover, your visit avoids the sites where mass illegal immigration occurs and sidesteps the thousands of angry Texas property owners who lives have been destroyed by your border policies,” the letter read.

Abbott also claimed that Texas is now facing an immigration crisis because of Biden's failure to act.

This chaos is the direct result of your failure to enforce the immigration laws that Congress enacted,” Abbott wrote.

This is not the first (or even second) time that Abbott has blatantly criticized Biden.

Last November, the Texas governor said that Biden caused an "immigration invasion" at the border due to his "loose border laws" in a televised appearance on FOX.

Aside from words, Abbott started a state-funded program that buses migrants to various cities in the country.

Abbott started this program to prove to Biden and vice president Kamala Harris that Texas needed relief at the border and wanted to get national attention.

Since the start of the program, Abbott has sent busloads of migrants directly to the nation's capital, including the D.C residence of VP Kamala Harris.

Biden has yet to release a response to Abbott's letter, but it is hard to envision he did not hear the Texas governor loud and clear.

Regardless of how Abbott feels about it, Biden seems adamant about making immigration simpler for migrants.

Last week, Biden approved and notarized a mobile app that helps asylum seekers near the Mexico border gain legal entry into the United States.

The app, called CBP One, is available in English and Spanish and will allow migrants in Central and Northern Mexico who upload biographical information and a photo to request an appointment at one of eight ports in California, Arizona, and Texas.

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