Alabama residents likely to see one-time payment of $400

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If you're a taxpayer in Alabama, you may soon see a payment of up to $400 coming your way according to a recent update. Why? The state's government collected over $13 billion in the 2022 fiscal year. This means that the state of Alabama has a surplus of $2 billion more than the budgeted amount for the year. Due to this extra money collected by the state, something has to be done with this money. Right now, government officials are now trying to figure out how best to put it to use. Some individuals, such as Senator Orr, say that sending the money back to the taxpayers is a good idea, according to this source.

Some individuals say that the entire tax system should change.

“We’ve seen this unprecedented increase in revenue. More taxes coming from citizens than ever before.” Justin Bogle

Justin Bogie is the senior director of fiscal policy for API. He recently wrote an op-ed titled “Alabamians deserve permanent tax relief, not just a one-time check.”

Now it is important to note that this surplus payment is not official yet, but it is very likely coming. Many other states have had a cash surplus and are sending out this stimulus money or refund to taxpayers such as Virginia did here.

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