Did you get your one-time payment from the state of Massachusetts? If not, here's what to do next.

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If you live in Massachusetts, you very possibly should have received a payment from the state. Approximately 3 million taxpayers will receive money in the form of a mailed check or a direct deposit from the state of Massachusetts. These payments from the state started at the end of 2022. State Auditor Suzanne Bump says that the net state tax revenues of $41,812,654,358 for 2022 are above the allowable state tax revenues of $38,871,154,627 by the amount of $2,941,499,731. (source)

The department of revenue says that eligible taxpayers will receive a credit in the form of a refund that is approximately 13% of their Massachusetts Tax Year 2021 personal income tax liability. (source) So if you paid $3,000 in taxes to the state, you would receive approximately $390.00.

What if you still haven't received your money?

According to the state, it takes about 8-10 weeks for direct deposit requests. Another week if you want a paper check. So if you requested your money at the end of 2022, you should likely see your payment now. (source) If you still haven't received your money, it may be delayed.

According to the state, here are some common reasons to slow down the refund process.

  • Added a wrong Social Security number
  • Included the wrong banking information (routing and account numbers)
  • Made a typo, like a spelling mistake
  • Made a math mistake
  • Submitted a return with more than one filing status
  • Amended your return
  • Included the incorrect number of dependents
  • Filed too early.

If you think there was a mistake of some sort, you can just go directly to the state website right here.

What do you think about this payment from the state of Massachusetts?

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