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(Opinion) If Mayor Lightfoot won't pay her tickets, no one else should either

Jake Wells
Chicago police vehicle on roadPhoto by Arvell Dorsey Jr. (Creative Commons)

The hypocrisy stinks pretty bad in Chicago. Why? Several police-driven vehicles used to take Mayor Lori Lightfoot from place to place around Chicago have reportedly racked up multiple traffic tickets that have gone unpaid despite the mayor's distinct cry for stricter speed cameras in the city.

Two of the SUVs used to shuttle Lightfoot throughout Chicago have accumulated three speed camera tickets and two warnings in the past month. The tickets have so far gone unpaid, CWB Chicago reported.

All of this news comes after a months-long battle led by Mayor Lightfoot, the City Council last week rejected an alderman’s proposal to give drivers a 10 mph buffer before the city’s prolific speed cameras issue citations. At Mayor Lightfoot’s request, the council reduced it to 6 mph during the 2021 budget season. Lightfoot has claimed that the change was necessary to make roads safer.

Now if Mayor Lightfoot isn't paying her tickets--for what is now three tickets--why on earth should anyone else in Chicago pay a dime? Leaders are supposed to lead, but in this case, the mayor is simply offering lip service.

Saying one thing and doing another is the norm for many politicians, but this is an extreme case of abusing the system.

What do you think about this news?

Do you think that Mayor Lightfoot is setting a bad example?

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