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Some customers are concerned about using self-checkout

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Anytime you go shopping, you're probably noticing a common trend. There are more and more self-checkouts at stores and fewer cashiers there to ring up purchases for you. It can be faster and more convenient at times. Employers like self-checkout because it reduces labor costs. There are 21 Targets in Chicago alone, the most in the United States. You can staff each store with several cashiers or you can have one area of self-checkouts.

That being said, there are some definite challenges that come with using the self-checkout option.

According to a survey by Retail Customer Experience, more than half, 67.3%, have encountered a self-checkout kiosk that simply didn't work. Now this next point is more subjective and based on one person's opinion. Carrie Jernigan, a criminal defense attorney in Arkansas, says that she recommends not using self-checkout.

According to Jernagin, she says you could be more likely to be flagged as a shoplifter by using self-checkout. While it is not super common, it is something she has seen. Jernagin says that asset protection will begin to watch hours of video to figure out when an item goes missing. She says the big corporations don't have to present much evidence to get an affidavit for a warrant. Even if you aren't convicted of shoplifting, you still would likely have to hire a lawyer which can be costly.

So, how can you avoid these potential problems?

For starters, use the physical checkout, if that is an option. But if it isn't, as in the case in many modern stores, one smart move is to pay with your credit card or debit card. When you pay with cash, that means having fewer financial records. That's why having your receipt is very important.

What do you think of this information?

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