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Ohio woman pleads with Congress to help with rising costs

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If you're struggling with rising costs or facing financial challenges, please know you're not alone.

Donna Price is a resident of Cleveland, Ohio. Recently, Price met the House Ways and Means Committee and shared about how she has struggled financially during the pandemic. In addition to being employed as a nurse, Price cares for her 18-year-old autistic son and her disabled mother. Price shared that her son’s mental health has suffered during the pandemic, and she had to take eight weeks off without pay to supervise him early last year, when his school and care program went fully remote.

“I struggled to pay rent, put gas in my car, buy groceries, and pay for my mom’s medications. I was facing $2,000 in unpaid gas bills and $800 in unpaid electric bills. We only made it through with help from my older son and my daughter. Otherwise, I don’t know what I would’ve done.” Donna Price

Here is a video of the hearing.

The hardest part for families today is that most benefits from the pandemic are no longer available today. Many of these benefits such as the enhanced child tax credit and expanded unemployment benefits have expired. With this funding no longer available, costs have been on the rise in Ohio. Currently, the rate of inflation is at 8.6% (source).

With costs rising so muchsuch as gas now being over $5 a gallon in Ohiomany families simply cannot afford to put their children in child care.

We will see how Congress responds. Hopefully, more relief is on the way soon for families in Ohio.

Do you think the government could be doing more to help? I'd love to hear your thoughts. Please let me know in the comments.

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