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(Opinion) The Browns are in real trouble

Jake Wells
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No matter what happens this season, the Cleveland Browns are in serious trouble. If they win, they still lose in the eyes of many fans. If they lose, they lose.

The Browns are in the middle of a total quarterback mess, and relief seems to be far off in the distance.

Let's look at where the Browns are right now.

First, The Baker Mayfield drama continues.

The Browns have still not cut Baker. No other team has traded for him. Baker Mayfield continues to be in limbo as a form of distraction as the season approaches. Coach Stefanski is fed up as he is asked questions about Mayfield continue to surface.

And some fans are upset that the Browns moved on from Baker.

Second, The Deshaun Watson drama is only getting worse.

The 24th lawsuit against Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson contends that Watson has sought out “random strangers on Instagram” for massages “more than a hundred times.” The New York Times has nailed down roughly two thirds of them.

Head coach Kevin Stefanski said (regarding Watson's situation), “I’m not going to comment past that. I’m going to be respectful of the process, be respectful of the legal proceedings.”

This makes sense, but it is also a total distraction coming into training camp. The hard truth is the Browns do not know who their quarterback will be on opening day. They do not even know if Watson will be playing at all this season.

Many fans say they are fed up and done with the Browns.

Whether or not that stays that way, remains to be seen. If Watson does play and the Browns start winning, many fans will likely come back.

What do you think about the Browns and how they have handled these quarterback situations?

Feel free to leave a comment below.

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