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If you're running light on cash right now, here is some good news for Delaware residents. By the end of May, the state of Delaware will be sending out a tax rebate to residents. Individual filers will receive $300, while married couples filing jointly would receive $600. Delaware citizens who have submitted a personal income tax return for 2020 will receive the rebates. According to Delaware Online, the rebate also applies to residents who did not earn enough to submit taxes in 2020.

"The state expects distributing [the] the first batch of payments in May based on 2020 return data," Delaware's Department of Finance (DOF) informed the US Sun.

The cash boost is estimated to help almost 600,000 residents in the state who filed their 2020 tax forms. Delaware lawmakers had been expecting an extra $824 million in revenue this fiscal year for months. (source)

All adult residents, even those who did not file a 2020 tax return, will receive the $300. In addition, the $300 would not be subject to Delaware income taxes. (source)

You Should Be Receiving Money Soon

The state says you should be receiving money sometime this summer, but if you're wondering where you can get more information about your refund just visit this website here from the Delaware division of Revenue.

What do you think about this refund? Are you eligible for the stimulus payments?

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