Video Footage Captures Snowplow Damaging Over 30 Vehicles On The Ohio Turnpike

Jake Wells

Be careful out there on the road in the snow and ice! You never know when things can become very, very dangerous! News Channel 5 has video footage of a snowplow driver throwing ice and snow into the oncoming traffic causing both damage to other vehicles.

Here is the footage from News Channel 5:

As a response to this video, Vince Orlandi replied and said, "This plow hit my car with snow and ice on the turnpike today (technically yesterday)! Thankfully nobody was around me and I was able to control my skid. My car is damaged. I hope nobody was seriously hurt. The plow driver needs to lose their job at the very least." (Source)

Krisha Oates said as a response to the initial video, "We were also hit by this plows wall of snow, ice and rocks but thankfully my husband was able to cross into the far right lane missing the brunt of the force. We counted 31 cars with windshields shattered as we continued on I80 East!" (Source)

You might think that this is an Ohio Department of Transportation issue, but it's actually not. The Ohio Turnpike And Infrastructure Commission (OTIC) OTIC is a separate organization from ODOT. The Commission handles all matters pertaining to the 241-mile toll road. ODOT is the organization of state government responsible for developing and maintaining all state and federal roadways with the exception of the Ohio Turnpike. OTIC is responsible for the 241-mile toll road along the northern corridor of Ohio. (Source)

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