The Northeast Is Seeing Frigid Cold This Week

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Been outside lately? If you're freezing, know that you're not alone! On Monday, over 15 million people were under wind chill alerts stretching from the northern Plains and Upper Midwest into the interior Northeast and New England according to NBC News.

In fact, the air is so cold it can actually be seen by space. "The ground is so cold it's showing up on infrared satellite! The purple and blue that's not moving is where the sub-zero air temperatures are. The greens and yellows that are moving are clouds," said Kathryn Prociv, a meterologist for NBC.

Freezing weather has primarily hit the Northeast this week. For more info, here is a video from Today.

The interesting thing is that this is stark contrast to 2021, which goes down as one of the warmest years of late. The December contiguous U.S. temperature was 39.3 degrees F, 6.7 degrees above average, making it the warmest December on record and exceeding the previous warmest December in 2015. (Source) So that could be one factor in why it feels so cold when you step outside.

Boston’s public school system, the largest in Massachusetts, announced on Monday that schools will not open on Tuesday because of expected extremely cold temperatures. The New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services announced Monday that four Covid-19 testing sites overseen by the state would be closed Tuesday because of the cold.

Be Sure To Be Prepared

It is important to be prepared as colder weather hits. Cold temperatures restrict arteries and blood flow, increasing the risk of health complications. There is the threat of hypothermia, frost bite and serious injuries from shoveling or performing other strenuous activities in the cold, puts people at risk.

Freezing pipes are also a serious hazard in extremely cold weather. Standing water freezes and expands in pipes, which leads to pipes bursting. A little precaution now can prevent the mess, clean up, cost and hassle that always follows the cold weather and burst pipes.

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