Zen Pet / Journal of a Regular Ol' House Cat, 2022


Zen Pet / Journal of a Regular Ol' House Cat, 2022By Jahid

The house always wins.

Auntie Mabel, we're home!

O, ooh, I'm so glad you're finally here, dear. Auntie Mabel purred as she turned in her garden chair. I've just been dying for the two of us to talk. I had my heart set on going to that lecture hall last night.


Well, dear, it's about time you came to see just how interesting this particular part of Boston is, Mabel answered, as she rose from her chair. And just last night, as I was leaving the lecture hall, a man asked me for directions to this very house. So, I just thought it would be the most wonderful way to celebrate your arrival for dinner tonight. I knew you'd love being home to meet your new aunt.

I can't believe you asked him directions, T. Rex told Auntie Mabel. "That's just too cool." T. rex stood at the foot of his aunt's garden chair. Are you ready for me to give you some of these? That's the closest thing I have to a proper greeting. Not to be stingy with my presents.

Auntie Mabel blushed and rubbed her hands together. Well, I certainly hope you'll be happy with what I've got. I'd have brought more, honey, but my bags were just too heavy.

T. rex leaned over Auntie Mabel's garden chair and licked her fingers, one by one. He looked into her eyes and smiled and purred as he started to lick her hands again. His eyes closed in pleasure as he licked two times around the outside of both of her hands, and then he purred once before he stepped back. If he wasn't such a great house cat, he'd be a great dog.

T. Rex's aunt smiled and winked before she took T. Rex's paw. Oh, how sweet that you'd find my present a pleasure, Auntie Mabel purred as she looked up at T. rex. It was almost as if Mabel could read his thoughts before T. Rex spoke. T. rex could only stare in wonder as Mabel purred, and how nice to meet you. I'm Auntie Mabel.

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