A Solemn Journey to the Other California


A solemn journey to the other CaliforniaBy Jahid

I found out two days ago that my grandfather would not survive his illness for another week, and I am feeling a bit of depression settling in. My time with him was beautiful, but not a happy ending. I am a bit more at peace going into death than living.

I found out the week ago that my father would be out of his mind in a few hours, and on Saturday morning he was. His mind would slowly become lost to dementia, but his body was more than willing to hang on. He was surrounded by family, loved ones, and best friends. We were happy to hold him, cry with him, sing with him, and give him the love that he needed so much, but the time would be coming for us to let go.

That same day, my grandfather began his journey to the other side. When his wife, my grandmother, started having severe headaches, I knew that the time to visit wasn’t going to be a pretty one, but I wanted her to know one last time that I cared. We were all in a room by ourselves but it was the first time that I’d seen the rest of our family together before the end. I didn’t get a picture with him, but I didn’t want one. He was a good-looking man, but as he looked at all of his grandchildren that he loves so much, he just didn’t look at all like he did before he was ill. I just wanted him to look like he could do a little dancing; he was dancing in his mind, just not on the floor.

I spoke to his brother and niece yesterday, and I was so thankful that I could hear the good memories, of the fun times they had laughing and smiling, together. I was able to tell how much they miss him, how difficult it has been for all of them going through this process, and all the changes in their lives that are taking place. They told me they’d be able to visit him in his new home, which will be decorated by my father, but I was told it would be quite a while before they would be allowed to see him. And that thought made me feel a little sad that I’ll never be able to walk into his room, just him and me.

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