Kupid aka Q Releases Upbeat New Music Video for “Good Vibes”

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Kupid aka QKupid aka Q

Music sensation Kupid aka Q has released a new music video for his song titled “Good Vibes” featuring $kip and TJ Da DeeJay. “Good Vibes” is a track on his highly anticipated sophomore album titled “Thank You.” The 10 track album features Caribbean artists such as Freezy, Army Guy, Ziggy Rankings, Marzville, King Nitti, Adan Octave, Young Godd, and Cubanis. With lyrics that are aimed to uplift people in all aspects of life, it's no wonder this album is gaining popularity. Kupid aka Q expects the album to take Hip-Hop music to the next level with its combined Caribbean vibe.

Kupid aka Q, has been performing since he was a young teenager. His musical influences growing up have led him to become a versatile and dynamic artist. His first big break came when he joined the group, Crossovah, a band that blurred the lines between Caribbean and mainstream music. After the group parted ways, Q began his solo career, where he has been praised for his ability to genre bend into hip hop, R&B, reggae, soca, and pop. His hit songs, “Hey Girl”, “Rant” and “Who Shot Ya” are prime examples of this artist’s universal style.

Early Years

Q’s childhood was full of music, from the calypso and soca sounds he heard at home to reggae on vinyl records. The artist's style has been influenced by many genres but always remains true to his roots in Antigua where it all began for him in his younger years listening intently outside while playing hide-and-seek among lush gardens or exotic trees before moving onto American soil unprepared yet eager for anything new.

His older sisters also helped evolve his musical taste by introducing him to hip-hop and R&B. As a teenager, Q had diverse tastes that included skateboarding culture including punk music which led him to have influences such as Blink-182. He also has musical influences such as Red Rat, Lil Rick, Nas, and Usher.

The Dancer

Dance has always played a pivotal role in Q’s life. It was how he was introduced to performing in front of a crowd and what eventually prompted his music career. Q, along with a group of high school friends, formed a dance group, The Fam. They choreographed their own dance moves and performed at popular events and festivals. Eventually, four of the members created another group consisting of R&B, hip-hop, soca, and reggae artists and gave themselves the name, Crossovah.

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