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The Facebook feud that resulted in the death of a 15 year old teen

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In the Spring of 2011, Seath Jackson was 15 years old. He was living in Summerfield, Florida. On the afternoon of April 19, 2011, Seath's parents realized that he was missing.

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The night before, he went to a friends home. But the following afternoon, that friend called Seath's house, looking for him. Seath's friend said that while Seath was at his place, he received a phone call from his ex girlfriend. After Seath recieved the call, he decided to go meet up with his ex girlfriend. This was the last time that his friend saw or heard from him.

Seaths parents then reported him missing and detectives began to look for him. The first place they turned to was Facebook. They learned that in December of 2010, Seath started dating 15 year old Amber Wright, but in late March of 2010, Amber broke it off with Seath. Seath thought that the breakup was sudden and came out of nowhere. He was really distraught, and wasn't handling the breakup very well.
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Soon, Seath and Wright were feuding on Facebook. They fought and insulted each other for several weeks publicly on the social media platform. Seath also started feuding with 17 year old Kyle Hopper and 18 year old Michael Bargo. Hooper was Amber Wright's brother, and he didn't like the way that Seath talked about his sister on social media. Michael Bargo was Wright's new boyfriend.

Seath thought that Wright dumped him to date Bargo. The Facebook posts seemed to indicate that at some point Seath and Bargo got into a physical altercation at a party. Seath was 15 when he won the fight against 18 year old Bargo. Bargo thought of himself as a pretty tough guy, and felt humiliated that he had lost a fight to a 15 year old.

After the fight, the war on Facebook escalated. Based on the Facebook posts, police thought it was wise to talk to Amber Wright. When they arrived at her home to speak with her, she was with her friend Charlie Ely. Wright and Charlie claimed that they saw Seath the night before.

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The detectives separated them and asked about their encounter with Seath. They each gave two completely different stories. Charlie said that she and Wright were standing with Seath on a street corner near her home. "Suddenly, there was a loud bang, and Seath ran away." she said.

Charlie said that she looked around and saw Bargo with a gun. She said that she thought Seath was shot but wasn't sure. Ambers story was completely different. She said that they bumped into Seath, talked for a few minutes, but that he left, and she thought he went home.

When asked if Bargo was there, and if Seath was shot, she said no. She said that she had no idea what Charlie was talking about. The detectives continued to investigate, but there was no trace of Seath that night.
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The next morning, Amber Wright's mother called the police and said that her son and Ambers brother Kyle Hooper had information on Seath's disappearance. The police asked her to bring them to the station. Charlie was also brought in for questioning.

Hooper claimed that two nights earlier they were hanging at Charlies house, and that Seath was there. Then he said that Fargo surprised everyone by shooting Seath three times. Amber and Charlie were then interviewed, and said that Bargo killed Seath and that they are innocent.

After the interview, Amber, Charlie, and Hooper were put in a room together and left alone. They had no idea that they were being recorded. They talked openly about Seath's murder, and it became clear they were lying to the detectives.

They talked about how they planned the murder. It became clear that Bargo wanted to kill Seath. Everyone else agreed to help because they didn't like what Seth had said on Facebook.

The police continued to investigate Seath's disappearence, and were able to retrace his steps. However, Kyle Hooper ended up making a full confession that night. He filled in the rest of what happened that night.

It started with Amber Wright luring Seath to Charlies home, with the promises that they will make up and possibly get back together. Seath had no idea that Hooper and Bargo were there waiting for him with their other friend, Justin Soto.

When Seath walked inside, the three attacked him with blunt wooden objects. Seath tried to run away but Bargo shot him twice in the back with a rifle. Seath tried to run again, so Soto tackled him and held him down while Bargo shot him in the back of the head.

They dragged Seath upstairs and put his body in the bathtub. They tried to put him into a sleeping bag but his body didn't fit. Then they attempted to break his knees. That is when they realized that he was still alive.

Bargo shot him in the head again, as he laid in the bath tub, this time killing him. They then dismembered him and threw his body parts into a bonfire that was already started in the backyard. A few hours later, they put his ashes into paint buckets. Bargo then called his 37 year old friend James Haven over for assistance.

Haven helped dispose of the ashes by throwing them into a water filled quarry. Haven then dropped Bargo off at a friends home in a neighboring town. The police found human bone fragments in Charles' backyard in the fire pit.

Four days after the murder, 18 year old Michael Bargo, 16 year old Kyle Hopper, 20 year old Justin Soto, 15 year old Amber Wright, and 18 year old Charlie Ely were arrested and charged with murder. 37 year old James Haven was arrested and charged as an accessory to murder.
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In 2012, Wright, Hooper, Ely, and Soto were convicted and sentenced to life in prison without parole. Bargo was said to be the ringleader, and mastermind behind it all and was sentenced to death in 2013. He appealed his sentence and had a retrial, but was once again sentenced to death in 2018.

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