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Backyard Breeder caught stealing pet dogs on surveillance video in Florida

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Surveillance footage captured a Florida woman dognapping two dogs in broad daylight. The incident occurred in the front yard of a residence, leading police to discover 20 dogs in her home that she intended to breed.
Sherry Comer, 49, caught on surveillance video stealing two dogs on Wednesday, Jan. 18.Photo byPolk County Sheriff's Office

Sherry Comer, 49, of Lakeland, Florida, was detained on Thursday, January 19th, after she was discovered stealing two small dogs from Liliana Moya's house at around 10:00am the day prior. Comer lived just three miles from Moya.

According to footage from a security camera, the breeder approached the home, knelt down next to the dogs in the driveway, and started petting the larger dog. She quickly snatched the dog by the collar and secured it under her arm.
Sherry Comer, caught on surveillance video stealing two pet dogs from a residence.Photo byFacebook

It appears in the footage that she attempted to pull out a treat to lure the smaller dog to approach her, but she had trouble getting the animal to cooperate. The dog circled around her arm a couple of times until she forcefully snatched it up, by grabbing onto the collar. She then calmly walked back to her blue car across the street. Comer threw the dogs in the backseat before driving down the busy street. 

Moya posted the security footage, which was also released by the Polk County Sherriff's Office, on a local Facebook group. She wrote: 'If you see this lady please report her. My dogs just got stolen and this lady came into my yard and stole my puppies.'  The footage can be viewed in the video below.

A member of the Facebook group who recognized Comer alerted Moya, who subsequently informed police of the new information.

Detectives discovered Moya's dog and about 20 other canines inside Comer's home when they arrived.

Animal Control was contacted to inspect for any animals with chips, but unfortunately, none of the animals had them, and it is unknown how she gained possession of them. The Sherriff's Office claimed that all of the dogs were "properly cared for" and that their environment was "clean and safe."

After being detained, Comer was charged with two charges of grand theft as well as burglary.

Moya was reunited with her puppies, and they were returned to her. 

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