Woman created a disturbing Tiktok video a month before she was indicted for love triangle murder of a teenager

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Two Southeast Texans in their 20's are accused of murdering and concealing the body of the man's 16-year-old girlfriend on March 26. They are said to have been the two corners of a vicious, tri-county love triangle.

Cody Arnold (left) and Chelsea Shipp (right) have been identified as suspects in the murder of a teenagerPhoto byJefferson County Sheriff's Office

A grand jury in Jefferson County has indicted Beaumont resident Cody Arnold, 21, and Winnie resident Chelsea Ann-Marie Shipp, 25, for the murder of Arnold's 16-year-old girlfriend after police discovered her dead in Arnold's home.

The victim, identified as Vidor native Katelynn Nicole Stone, was discovered by detectives on March 27th, 2022, in the 14000 block of Kolb's Corner between Hamshire and Fannett with signs of a gunshot wound. Detectives from the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office (JCSO) detained Arnold on that day after identifying him as a co-conspirator in his girlfriend's murder. Three days later, police in Liberty Hill arrested Shipp for shooting the 16-year-old girl after finding the woman 260 miles, or almost 4 hours from the murder site.

Victim, Katelynn Nicole StonePhoto byFacebook

Despite not knowing Stone's name, the caller was aware of the fact that she was the girlfriend of Cody Arnold, a friend of Shipp. According to the affidavit written by JCSO Detective Chad Williamson, when the detectives got to Arnold's home, they discovered him sitting on the front porch.

Detectives walked inside the home, but before spotting a bullet casing on the pillow adjacent to the covered body, detectives found Stone dead on a bed. Arnold admitted to police that he had been hanging out with Shipp and "using methamphetamines" with her in the days before Stone's death.

The probable cause affidavit for Arnold's indictment states, "Throughout the day, Arnold and Shipp were fighting about (Stone) being underage and their dating relationship; (Arnold) being 21 years of age and (Stone) being only 16 years of age." Cody Arnold informed the investigator that Stone had taken an at-home test that had come up positive, suggesting that she might be pregnant.

JCSO Detective Brian Sain's probable cause affidavit for Shipp's indictment states that Shipp once worked for a small cleaning business in Crystal Beach called Latitude Adjustments. After Shipp requested a coworker's assistance after she "got rid" of Stone, that former coworker contacted the JCSO detectives.

“What did you do, beat her up or something?” the woman asked, to which Shipp allegedly replied, “No, I shot her.” He asked me to take care of the problem,” Shipp said, according to the affidavit, “and now he has to do what he has to do.”

About a month before the murder, Shipp created a disturbing Tiktok video stitch, (video shown below) in which she pretends to cock a gun in response to another Tiktok creator's video that insinuates that it is okay to hook up with men who are in a relationship.

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