Names Can Carry Unusual Definitions

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You've probably looked up your name's meaning for fun, but most name meanings aren't much to write home about. Most name meanings are relatively innocuous and not particularly groundbreaking, but here are ten name meanings that might raise some eyebrows.
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Blaise -- to lisp, stammer

Blaise may have a modern "cool-guy" sound, but it is an ancient name of Christian origin. Its meaning, which is "lisp" or "stutter," is somewhat less flattering.

Calvin -- bald

Due to the popularity of the DJ Calvin Harris and the fashion empire Calvin Klein, the name Calvin has a youthful and modern edge to it. Its meaning of "bald," however, does not.

Cameron -- crooked nose

This unisex name has been quite popular over the past few decades. It seems as though its literal interpretation, "crooked nose," hasn't kept people from using it for their children.

Campbell -- crooked mouth

Campbell is decidedly less popular than the aforementioned Cameron but has a similar meaning. Instead of a crooked nose, Campbell means "crooked mouth."

Cecelia -- blind

Cecelia is a classic name that lends itself to many different nicknames, perhaps due to its length, and hopefully, none based on the meaning of Cecelia, which is "blind."

Claudia -- lame

Claudia has never soared in popularity, but it has found a sweet spo on the name charts, where it manages to remain. It is the feminine version of Claude, which also bears the unfortunate meaning of "lame."

Giselle -- hostage

Giselle is of German origin, although most people pronounce it the French way (jih-ZELL). While this name smacks of grace and formality, its meaning of "hostage" is not.

Huxley -- inhospitable place

Huxley has been growing in popularity in the past few years, just breaking out onto the charts in 2015. As with many English surnames, it represents a location. In this case, that is an "inhospitable place."

Lola -- lady of sorrows

Lola comes from the Spanish culture as a modern-sounding diminutive of Dolores. This name gives off a sassy vibe, which is a good thing, considering that it means "lady of sorrows."

Portia -- pig

Though it has started to fall out of common use, Portia has a long history that can be traced back to some of Shakespeare's work. While the name may sound posh, its meaning of "pig" sure isn't.

It's amazing how many names today came to be popular despite the meanings that they carry with them. Keep in mind that this list is just for fun and isn't meant to dissuade you from choosing any of these names for your baby.

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