Gardening Can Teach Children Important Life Lessons

Jade Augustine

Any good parent wants to make sure that their children are prepared for life by instilling in them all skills they will need to succeed. There are many different ways to teach your children basic life skills. One such method is gardening, which is both fun and educational. Here are four essential life skills that you can help your child develop through gardening:
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It takes time for plants to grow. As with most things, you won't see results right away, yet a lot can happen with time and patience. Children involved in gardening will learn the important lesson that sometimes good things take time, and some things are worth waiting for.


Gardening can be a lot of work, and you have to stay on top of all of the daily tasks that your plants require to ensure the best results. Allowing your children to take part in the care of the garden will help them learn to be more responsible as time goes on.

Whether the task at hand is to water the plants, remove the weeds, or employ methods of keeping pests away, your child is learning how to care for a garden - a job that requires a lot of responsibility and self-discipline.

Learning From Mistakes

Some mistakes in gardening can be easily remedied. Other times, you'll have to wait until the next gardening season arrives. Whether your crops are thriving or dying, this teaches your children that mistakes sometimes happen, and you can either give up or try again.

By modeling an attitude of resilience, your children will be much more likely to be inspired to learn from their mistakes and correct them for the next time, a life skill that will benefit them in areas of their life far beyond the garden.


Gardening is a valuable teaching opportunity to ensure healthy eating habits later on. Children will likely be much more excited to eat their vegetables, the literal fruit of their labor, by growing their own food.

This is the perfect opportunity to instill in your children the importance of healthy eating. The foods they grow will have lots of nutrients to help them maintain their health and grow up strong.

Gardening is an educational, hands-on way to teach your child about the world that they will grow up in. While it may not always turn out the way they hope, gardening will teach kids that there is much that they can achieve with hard work and patience.

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