5 Ways To Transform A Home Into A Smart Home

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In the modern age, many aspects of life are all about convenience. Now more than ever, this ideal of convenience is extending into the home. Why leave the couch when you can change a thermostat from an app on your phone?

Further, why employ a house sitter when modern technology ensures that you can be connected to your house at all times? This notion of convenience is why there are now more devices than ever before to make your home smart.

By decking out rooms and common house features, you too can enjoy a smart home. By placing elements of convenience and security at the fore, you can ensure that your home becomes a modern fortress.

The Rise Of Smart Homes

First came smart devices such as telephones and televisions. Now, as technology is advancing, smart homes are on the rise. Think smart speakers, thermostats, alarm systems, and even coffee makers!

While the rise of the smart home can be traced back to the human desire for simplicity and ease, a lot of modern homes are being transformed into smart residences for another reason. Namely, the fact that modern homes are often marketed with smart devices.

As such, buyers and potential renters will be willing to pay a lot more if the home is fully equipped. This is because simplicity adds to the feeling of luxury. Something as simple as closing blinds from the comfort of the couch adds to the experience of luxe living.

5 Ways To Turn Your Home Into A Smart Home

One of the key drawcards of turning your home into a smart home is the fact that relatively small devices can make such a big impact. Comfort, security, and living are all improved, through using the Internet of Things (IoT).

Put simply, IoT helps make common household appliances and actions smart. Through the internet or Bluetooth connection, common household goods can effectively talk to each other in order to perform key actions.

1. Smart speakers

Smart speakers are on the rise. Featuring elements of artificial intelligence, smart speakers can service a variety of needs. You can set up vocal commands to trigger a light to turn on or off. You might ask the speaker to play a certain song or start brewing a pot of coffee.

2. Smart security system

A smart home security system is a highly beneficial smart home initiative. This system can encompass everything from doorbells and locks to cameras monitoring both indoor and outdoor activities.

In terms of doorbells, smart doorbells can connect to smartphones through an app. This way, whether you are at home, away, or at work, you can always see who is at your front door or gate.

Smart locks are essentially touchpads that sit on the front door instead of a traditional lock. This means keyless entry and the ability to lock and unlock the door from your phone. Additionally, with touchpads, you can create one-time entry codes for contractors or guests.

Finally, smart cameras can be installed both inside and outside of the home. Often, their mere presence on the outside of the home is enough to deter thieves or vandals. When investing in a smart camera, make sure to connect the camera to a secure WiFi network.

3. Smart energy management

A hallmark of modern homes is energy efficiency. As such, a smart energy management system is able to monitor, control, and report your home’s energy efficiency levels. The system will point out high energy consumption and hold the ability to switch off smart appliances.

4. Smart plugs and switches

The benefit of smart plugs and switches is the fact that they can be controlled through apps. For example, if you forgot to turn the hair straightener off, you could log on to the smart plug or switch app and turn off the corresponding plug or switch without having to run home.

5. Smart thermostat

One of the key variables when it comes to comfort in the home is temperature. You might be cold one minute and hot the next. Rather than getting up and down to stoke the fire or turn on the air conditioner, smart thermostats can be controlled from your phone.

Turning A House Into A Smart Home

Advancements in modern technology have meant that individuals all over the world have become accustomed to things happening instantaneously. Need to send an email? Open the application on your phone. Need to stream a show? Connect to Netflix on your TV.

When certain activities can be controlled with the touch of a button, it’s only natural to crave this simplicity in other facets of life. One way to achieve ultimate simplicity and comfort? Turning your house into a smart home.

With the help of a relatively small but connected product suite, tasks both large and small can be completed with the touch of a button. Helping your home feel more secure, comfortable, and above all else, more luxurious.

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