Outdoor Design Trends of 2022

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In light of recent world events, homeowners are beginning to recognise the importance of creating a great outdoor space. Doubling as another area for cooking, living, relaxing, and even playing, outdoor areas are equal parts versatile and spacious.

This means that you have all the ingredients necessary to create a space that is inviting and also functional. However, it’s worth remembering that outdoor spaces should be an extension of the indoors. This means matching the style and personality of the indoors to the outside.

10 Design Trends For 2022

With so many people realising the importance of an expertly crafted outdoor space, many design trends are now firmly centred around the outdoors. Mixing style and personality with functionality and practicality, these trends are approaching the great outdoors as bonus spaces.

1. Reinvigorating the front porch

When it comes to outdoor design, a lot of people tend to focus on the backyard. This is a mistake as the front yard offers passersby and visitors a first impression of your style and personality.

With this in mind, one of the most popular outdoor design trends for 2022 is fully realised and developed porches. This could mean hanging an egg chair up in the corner where you can have your morning coffee. It might even mean framing the front door with terracotta planters.

2. Installing fire features

When creating outdoor spaces, it’s important to create spaces for every season. This is why many outdoor trends centre around fire features. For those with a balcony, a fireplace might be located undercover. For those with a large grassy area, a fire pit is a way to go.

3. Embracing vertical gardening

With an increased focus on maximising space, a popular design trend is that of vertical gardening. Rather than laying instant turf and tending to it for months as it establishes, only to dig into it and plant flowers, fruits, or vegetables, construct a vertical garden.

Hanging on the home’s back wall, a vertical garden can infuse a space with vibrant colour and also smells. Importantly, it gives the illusion of space. Without having to compromise the lawn, your backyard will look and feel endless.

4. Seeing the value in concrete furniture

Outdoor trends are also showing that concrete furniture is on the rise. Durable and complete with different design options, concrete furniture can help a backyard stand out. You may choose to erect a bar and bar stools out of concrete or place concrete benches in a garden.

5. Utilising privacy screens

For some, investing money in an outdoor space might seem silly, especially if their backyard is close to other neighbours. The solution? Privacy screens. Available in a range of shades, shapes, and patterns, privacy screens can transform your outdoor space.

They can be used to block out wandering eyes, they can also be used to construct designated areas such as a reading nook, fire pit, or outdoor living area. Importantly, privacy screens also work to add dimension.

6. Harnessing the power of technology

Outdoor living can be stressful sometimes. You will need to control lights, outdoor temperatures, speakers, and even a projector screen. By equipping your outdoor spaces with high-tech functionality, everything can be performed at the touch of a button.

7. Creating outdoor workspaces

For those working from home, a beneficial trend to implement is that of creating an outdoor workspace. Rather than spending the day inside working away on the computer, you can break the day up by sitting outside.

An outdoor workspace will take different forms in different houses. Some houses might have an undercover balcony with a table and chairs that remote workers could utilise. Some houses might have an outdoor pergola where you can sit and enjoy the sun’s rays.

8. Forming dedicated play areas

Everyone knows how much kids enjoy the great outdoors. To play into their sense of childlike wonder, consider creating dedicated play areas. Depending on the age of your children, you might consider a sand pit, a mini basketball court, or even a full-sized tennis court.

9. Investing in an outdoor kitchen

Outdoor kitchens are increasingly growing in popularity. No longer is a barbecue enough, instead, the trend dictates that outdoor kitchens be complete with refrigerators, bench tops and a fully functioning sink. Additionally, pizza ovens are also quite popular.

Something else that goes hand in hand with an outdoor kitchen? An outdoor dining space. Consider placing a dining table complete with a bench on one side and individual chairs on the other side.

10. Indulging in outdoor living

Finally, one of the biggest outdoor trends of 2022 is that of outdoor living. This means creating a space in the backyard, preferably under a roof, where you can sit back and relax, no matter the weather. All while listening to some music or watching a movie on the television.

Creating your outdoor oasis

At the heart of these 10, outdoor design trends are the idea of creating an oasis. A place where you can retreat to. A place where the kids are free to be kids. A place where family and friends can gather.

While these design ideas are popular, each one can be fully customised to match your unique style, personality, and functionality needs. Helping you create the perfect space that can be enjoyed year-round.

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