9 Trending Career Options for Personal Trainers

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Personal training is an in-demand industry, given that job opportunities are projected to grow 39% from 2020 to 2030. It’s a career avenue with plenty of options for specialisation. You can work in a gym or fitness centre, operate as a self-employed consultant to individuals or businesses, or work in alternative settings like retirement homes.

Specialising in a niche can open the way to more opportunities, both to assist people in achieving their health goals and to earn a higher income.

Whether you’re considering a career in personal training or established as a personal trainer and seeking a change, these nine trending career niches could inspire you to discover the right specialisation for you.

1. Yoga specialist

If you’re already qualified as a personal trainer, you can continue with extra training to specialise as a qualified yoga instructor. In addition, to leading group classes for a general audience, you can focus on clientele with specific goals, like recovering from injuries and improving their range of movement. Similar alternatives include Pilates, aerobics, or dance specialists. You could work in gyms and private facilities or as a self-employed specialist.

2. Sports coach

Personal trainers with knowledge in a certain sport could work as a sport coach. You could work in a school or a sporting club or even train elite athletes and professional teams. Your work may encompass fitness training as well as the rules of the sport. Mentoring and guiding athletes and coordinating team strategy could be part of your everyday responsibilities.

3. Online trainer

Virtual personal training might be a promising field, given that people are seeking to work out from the convenience and comfort of their own homes. You can guide individuals and groups on how to exercise safely, provide one-on-one advice on tailored fitness plans, and motivate clients on meeting their personal fitness milestones. As a virtual trainer, you can make a meaningful impact whether clients are looking for direction on strength training, endurance, flexibility, or some other aspect of their fitness.

4. Nutrition and fitness coach

Combine your personal-training knowledge with a qualification in nutrition and you could assist clients with realising both their fitness and healthful-eating objectives. Much of your work could be centred on developing personalised nutrition programs and workout plans for individuals. You could work in a medical setting, helping patients with recovery with exercise and nutrition plans. Alternatively, you might work as a consultant to private or corporate clients.

5. Group fitness instructor

If you love the energy of getting people together, a career as a group fitness instructor could be the right option. Depending on your expertise, you may be teaching aerobics, cycling, calisthenics, or circuit. You could lead groups on yoga, Pilates, dance, or aqua-fitness. Alternatively, you could offer classes on stretching, muscle conditioning, or strength building for specific age groups like kids and seniors.

Group fitness instructors can work in a range of environments. For example, you could find yourself teaching in a gym one day and in a park the next. You could be guiding people on workouts on the beach in the morning and then in a corporate or private home in the afternoon. Other potential settings include resorts, spas, retirement homes, and cruise ships.

6. Gym owner

Do you have a vision of owning a fitness centre and supporting numerous people with their exercise needs? It’s not uncommon for personal trainers to be self-employed in some way. As such, some of the best fitness courses cover the fundamentals of operating your own business.

As a qualified personal trainer, you’ll be well placed with the fitness expertise you need to build a successful gym business. Managing staff, overseeing equipment and classes, marketing, and business strategy could all be part of your responsibilities as a gym owner.

7. In-home specialist

As a personal trainer, you can differentiate yourself and cater to client requirements by offering your expertise to people who want to get fit at home. On a day-to-day basis, you might be driving to clients’ homes, spending time reviewing fitness plans with them, doing demonstrations, and providing instruction. You could build a solid client base among those who love the convenience and exclusivity of having their own one-on-one personal trainer.

8. Corporate consultant

Develop your unique specialisation by becoming a corporate consultant to businesses and large organisations. Your responsibility could be to assist employees with tailored fitness plans. These could reflect the nature of their roles, especially if the employees work in riskier environments or undertake manual work as part of their roles. Alternatively, you might be giving group classes in on-site gyms and company fitness centres for your corporate clients.

9. Injury-prevention specialist

Injuries can be costly for professional athletes as well as workplaces. Injury prevention can also be a priority for school sporting teams and individuals who might be at risk due to their hobbies or jobs. You could combine your personal-training knowledge with additional upskilling in massage or physical therapy and provide expertise as an injury-prevention specialist. You can help people with avoiding injuries as well as support those on the way to recovery.


Personal training can be an impactful and fulfilling career, allowing you to make a major difference in the lives of your clients. Whatever your chosen specialisation, you’ll be assisting people with living healthier lives, attaining improved quality of life, and maximising their health and well-being.

You can gain more satisfaction from your work by choosing a niche that you have a passion for. It could mean you’re better placed to meet the needs of your customers. By specialising, you can set yourself apart from others in the field, widen your career prospects, and possibly end up generating more income.

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