10 Modern Living Room Design Ideas

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When it comes to living room design, as the heart of the home, you want to get it right. Serving as a hub for both visitors and residents alike, the living room needs to exude comfort and personality, but also cohesion.

Without cohesion, the living room becomes a standalone room in the home that clashes with surrounding bedrooms, bathrooms or even the kitchen and dining area. While achieving cohesion is important, it’s not limiting.

This is because you can take colour or even broader style themes and use these as the basis to infuse your living room with elements of modern design. Making the hub of the home a true sanctuary.

Modern living room design

The idea of modern design can be quite confusing. This is because the term encompasses everything from minimal and contemporary to farmhouse and sleek lines accompanied by bold shapes.

Modern themes are also characterised by typical colours such as white, creams and greys but can also stretch to include reds, greens and yellows for true bursts of colour and personality. Above all else, modern design makes unexpected matches to create intrigue.

10 design ideas

With this in mind, it’s easier to identify modern design ideas that can work to transform your living room into a truly spectacular space. Whether playing with colour, themes, furniture or accessory elements, there are ways, both big and small, to modernise a living room.

1. Pick a theme

Tackling a living room makeover can be overwhelming work. To help guide the renovation process, a helpful design idea is to pick a theme. This theme could centre around a location such as California, New York, Paris, the Hamptons or even Palm Beach.

Once you have a theme, think about the colours and styles evocative of that location. For Palm Beach, think palm tree artwork and throw pillows in different greens. For the Hamptons, think coastal, wooden pieces of furniture complete with blue and white accessories.

2. Paint the ceiling

The ceiling is often overlooked in every room of the house. However, the simple act of painting the ceiling can work wonders. For example, if you’re going for a warm and intimate vibe in the living room, it would be wise to paint the ceiling dark blue to make the space cosy.

3. Add texture to the walls

Textured walls are not only on trend at the moment, but they are also a bold statement. By wallpapering one or multiple walls in the living room with fabric-effect wallpaper, another dimension is added to the room. Highlighting both personality and taste.

4. Create multiple areas

The modern living room needs to work overtime as a television room, sitting area, play room and even a home office. This can be achieved by creating zones with the help of end tables, partitions or even by placing couches back to back.

5. Focus on lighting

Elements of lighting can add a sense of practicality to the room. However, by picking the right lighting options, these fixtures can also enhance the overall style and feel of the room. For those looking to play into industrial elements of the home, standing lamps are a great choice.

6. Paint the fireplace

Fireplaces add ambience to a room, however, they can also be a major sticking point. This is because it can be hard to match your style to the fireplace. To ensure that your modern living room enjoys cohesion, you could tile the fireplace to match your room’s overarching theme.

7. Remove clutter

A modern space is clean and minimalist. To buy into this vibe, it’s essential to remove clutter such as remotes, toys and books. To do this, you may want to invest in a television that hides away in a wall recess and of course, plenty of storage that buys into the ethos of sleek lines.

8. Curate gallery walls

Gallery walls are very on trend at the moment. They can be created by placing mixed and matched frames and artwork on a wall in the living room. Another effective alternative is having family photos or important momentos hanging on the wall using matching frames.

9. Layer rugs

When renovating a room it’s easy to forget about the floors. Rather than replacing floorboards or carpets, layer rugs of different sizes and colours. Each rug can complement each area of the living room, adding either colour or warmth to truly tie the whole living area together.

10. Bring the outside, in

When modernising a living room, it’s important to consider its location within the home. Does it lead into the kitchen? Does it offer a direct route to the outdoors? If the latter is true, orient the room as such with sliding doors to bridge the house with the deck and thus the backyard.

Modernising a living room

As the heart of the home, the living room needs to be comfortable, but also pleasing to the eye. To achieve this combination, modernising is key. This way, you can utilise modern tools to infuse personality while still making sure that the area is a retreat from work or rainy days.

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