How to Build Your Brand’s Digital Presence

Jacqui Coombe

Your digital presence is how your business exists and represents itself online. Made up of several different components, it can be summed up as the impression your brand makes through its content, website, advertising and other digital media and platforms.

As online channels continue to grow, it’s crucial that your digital presence grows too. A good digital presence that is continuously improved upon will raise brand awareness, reach new customers, engage target audiences and drive business growth.

Hallmarks of a strong digital presence

A strong digital presence requires continuous refinement. It’s not enough to simply build a website, start on social media, place a few ads and write up some content - these interactions must be delivered with careful consideration and intent. To ensure your digital presence grows it should be:

  1. Unified and consistent

Consistency is key to brand awareness and recall. The more consistent your brand is, the more recognisable it is to consumers, providing a feeling of reliability. This helps your customers to build trust in your offerings and to get to know your brand on a more personal level.

  1. Cohesive with your physical presence

Your digital and physical presence should work as one. Merging your physical and digital presence, or letting the two overlap, means meeting your customers where they live. Physical and digital storefronts complement each other and when you prepare for all intersections, you build a resilient brand that can adapt.

  1. Optimised for user experience

Poor performance on a mobile device can undo even the strongest, most carefully curated digital presence. Website pages that aren’t optimised for mobile frustrate customers and fuel distrust, which is why brands with a strong digital presence ensure clear pathways of navigation for all common devices.

Mastering the elements of your digital presence


Your website is at the heart of your digital presence and it’s where potential customers will go to learn more about your brand. Everything needs to be optimised and refined, meaning branding that’s consistent, responsive design, helpful information and simplified page navigation.

In addition to consistency and convenience, your site needs to offer value to potential customers. How you choose to offer value is up to you. It could come in the form of impactful content assets that can be used as shareable material for social media. It could be guest blogs that can expand your marketing reach and demonstrate authority and thought leadership. It could, in its simplest form, mean accurate data and information such as business hours, locations and contact information.

Social media

A social media presence is essential for any modern-day marketing strategy. Social media can be used to humanise your brand and to raise awareness, with every post you make on social media being an opportunity to engage followers.

To grow your social media presence, which in turn builds your overarching digital presence, you must first identify goals and objectives for interacting online. Before you start posting, know how the platform works, what audiences you can reach, and how you can not only understand your audience’s needs but then respond to these needs in a timely way. Once you understand this you can give your audience everything they want, which leads them to your website to see what your business is about.


Blog posts, eBooks, product specification sheets, white papers, testimonials, eNewsletters and case studies are all content marketing assets that can build your digital presence. In many ways, your content is the tool that will strengthen and define your digital presence.

Blogging is hugely effective when it comes to boosting online presence, and you should definitely leverage its power. Make sure that the content you publish is high quality and well-written, relevant to your target audience and engaging. Try to address your customers’ problems and provide the best solutions for them. Update your content on a regular basis in order to build a following, provide fresh information about your brand, and improve your search engine optimisation (SEO) rankings.


One of the best forms of advertising online is high ranking SEO. The more optimised your website and content are, the greater the chances your business will rank well. As well as search advertising, paid advertising such as pay-per-click ads, display ads and social ads is a useful tool that can boost brand awareness and place your business directly in front of the audience you’re trying to reach. Don’t be afraid to narrow your audience and exclude people with a lower chance of engaging or converting.

Every single campaign you run should be delivered to at least two different audiences. You may think you have a tried and tested system for targeting, but platforms and activity are constantly changing and you could be missing out by not testing a few tweaks. Think outside the box and don’t get too complacent.

Improving your digital presence

The key takeaways for improving your digital presence are to:

  1. Always be dynamic
  2. Sweat the small stuff
  3. Push beyond the basic
  4. Leverage high quality content
  5. Be active on multiple social media platforms

The bottom line is that a static digital presence is a recipe for brand stagnation. Learn the skills you need to succeed quickly and conveniently and enter the digital world with the confidence that will fuel you with drive. Pay attention to UX trends and other developments, target the platforms your customers use most, project a consistent brand presence and experiment with both drip campaigns and regular high quality content.

Master the elements of your digital presence!

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