The Benefits of Custom Valves for Quality Assurance

Jacqui Coombe

Decision makers in mining and manufacturing are realising the benefits of using custom valves in their applications,

While generic valves can pose health and safety risks and cause costly downtime if they fail, custom valves fit better, perform better, and offer uncompromising quality.

Custom valves deliver in a number of important ways, including;

Longevity – a custom valve designed for a specific purpose (i.e. severe service or constant use) will last considerably longer than a standard valve out of the box.

Durability – because they are designed specifically for their purpose and made with attention to detail using high quality materials, custom valves work harder than standard valves and can stand up to the most challenging working environments and conditions.

Cost-effectiveness – while custom valves will cost you more than generic valves upfront, the flipside is they will pay for themselves many times over in the long term. Less equipment failure and downtime means higher productivity and greater profitability.

Safety – using high quality custom valves reduces the likelihood of dangerous gases or chemicals being able to leak, mix or flow back in plant and equipment. This provides better protection for your workforce and a safer working environment.

Compactness – if space is an issue in your operations, custom fittings and valves can be designed in such a way that they occupy the least amount of room, allowing them to be used in even the most restricted locations.

Quality – with potential leak points eliminated, there is less chance of contamination from foreign materials entering custom fittings and valves, thus preserving the quality and integrity of the product.

Zetco is the go-to authority for the design and manufacture of custom valves across a range of specialised metal alloys and seals, and for a range of industries.

Constructed from high performance materials that ensure a consistent and reliable build quality, their custom valves are fully certified, compliant with relevant regulations and are backed by an industry-leading two year warranty.

Each valve goes through a rigorous testing process and is guaranteed to meet the relevant standards, and Zetco maintains ISO 9001 certification to demonstrate their ongoing commitment to quality.

Along with custom-built valves, Zetco makes a range of specialised products that make life easier for contractors and manufacturers, from ease of installation to performance in critical situations.

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