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DNFC offers Distance Learning Program for children

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HOUSTON — The Delores Fenwick Nature Center is now offering Distance Learning Programs for children.

The Delores Fenwick Nature Center’s (DFNC) learning series includes a one-hour virtual field trip to provide students and educators insights into nature-related topics.

The DLP currently has seven different topics to choose from. Each topic comprises three parts: Pre-Lesson Activity, Live Virtual Lesson with DFNC, and Post-Lesson Activity. The DFNC plans to add more topics in the future.

The first topic is the ‘Home Sweet Home’. Students will learn four basic needs of animal survival and animal adaptations in surviving different habitats.

The second topic is ‘Order Up’. It will teach students how animals are adapted to eat different food and the food chain.

The third topic is ‘Scoop on Poop’. Students will learn how animals’ adaptations and diet help shape their scat.

The fourth topic is ‘Bird Beak Boogie’. This program will teach students how to identify various birds common in the Texas region and how those birds adapt to survive.

The fifth topic is ‘Just Right for Night’. Students will discover how nocturnal animals adapt to the night life and its various examples.

The sixth topic is ‘The Water Cycle’. The program teaches students the basic water cycle and how humans are impacting the aquatic environment.

The last topic is ‘Animal Families’. Here, students will learn how animal parents provide for their young and the advantages and disadvantages of each type of care.

Each program costs $100 and lasts between 30-45 minutes. The pre and post-lesson materials are included in the fee and sent to teachers after confirming program registration.

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