Pete's is open all night, a sign of nightlife in Denver!

Last Year the Coronavirus outbreak emerged, and all the businesses went under a complete shutdown. After one year, the rollout of the vaccines is a possibility of getting back to life like before the pandemic. Denver is showing a positive outlook on a pre-pandemic life.

Pete's Kitchen is one of the affected businesses due to the coronavirus, which jumped into the form on Friday and Saturday night. Due to the covid-19 restrictions, all the restaurants in Colorado are restricted to limited hours. It made the nightlife concept uneasy, and the restaurants couldn't operate 24/7.

Finally, this weekend Pete's Kitchen pulled it all-nighter and decided that it is time for people to get back to Pete and enjoy the night after a long one-year gap. There are restrictions, but Pete's Kitchen made sure that people follow covid protocols and take care of all the safety measures.

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