20 Powerful Tips to Help You Grow Your Brand on Twitter

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Twitter is one of the best platforms for building your brand online. You will find all types of people you want to interact with. From politicians to writers to entrepreneurs and artists, every kind of audience is there.

What I love the most about Twitter is the engagement rates are higher as there are real-time conversations going on. I’ve been using Twitter to grow my brand as a writer and so far have been able to have 2500+ followers in just 60 days.

These followers have translated to a spike in traffic to my website, an increase to my mailing list subscribers, and a higher readership for my Medium articles.

Below are the tactics that I’ve used to grow this following:

1.You have something that you can share; Wisdom, Guidance, Expertise

Be sure to share glimpses of it on your Twitter account but leave the more in-depth content on your own site, podcast, or YouTube channel. You can ask your followers to find out more on your site or channel.

2.Read books and share your takes on the ideas you discover in books. Don’t steal but use the knowledge in books (or quotes) to share with the timeline. Nobody reads anymore. This is the secret to high engagement on Twitter.

3.Being polarizing can help get you to gain attention and tell your potential followers what you’re about. But don’t attack people for no reason. Emphasize your niche.

4.Space out your tweets so they are easier to read. If it’s a wall of text, you’ll get less engagement than if you space it into 2 or 3 paragraphs. If what you want to share is really long, create threads by clicking the + button.

5.Don’t change your brand (handle, bio, photo) too often. You want people to immediately recognize your account. Rebranding should be rare and strategic. If you’re constantly changing, you’re undoing all the effort you did to build up your image.

6.Use the link in your profile to promote your website, course, or book. If you don’t have either, use an affiliate link so you can make some passive income.

7.If you have a website, a YouTube channel, or an email newsletter, make your logo consistent across all these platforms. Showing consistency across different mediums shows a level of professionalism that will help you stand out in a sea of amateur accounts.

8.Use Canva to make awesome book covers, logos, and more. You can use the free version and still create amazing book covers.

9.Use a tweet scheduling tool such as TweetDeck. It’s free and easy to use. You can schedule tweets for a couple of days while busy working on other projects.

10.Go to notifications, click “settings.” Mute people who haven’t confirmed their email & watch the number of trolls drop. Also mute people with a default profile photo.

11.Don’t bother engaging with trolls — it's a low return on time investment. Hide negative replies. Don’t give them the engagement they’re looking for. If someone consistently harasses you, block them with no mercy. The Block button is the best button.

Blocking trolls is very necessary especially as your account grows in size. Ask anyone with over 10,000 followers.

12.Include a free eBook with a link to your newsletter. This is a great method to constantly pimp your email list to anyone who finds your account. Offering a free eBook will get people to sign up to your list. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship.

You should be sharing a link to your email list at least 3 times for every post. Most people won’t see every one of your tweets.

13.Start unfollowing people who haven’t tweeted in the last 30 days. This is another reason why you need to tweet out good content consistently. Other accounts will delete you if you are inactive.

14.Don’t waste your time following people only to get a follow back. They likely won’t engage with you. Download the app “Who Unfollowed Me On Twitter.” It’s free, very simple and it is effective. Once a week or so you, check the app and see who unfollowed you.

15.To track daily growth on any account, check out SocialBlade.com to see the daily growth of your account or others.

16.Create a folder on your computer called “Praise” and begin collecting screenshots of the compliments you receive about your products and about you. This is the social proof you need to get more sales.

17.Ignore all DMs that just say “Hey.” These people don’t respect your time.

18.Save all of your best evergreen tweets and reuse them every 90 days or so.

19.Have a tweet blowing up? Put an appropriate affiliate link or your ebook under that tweet.

20.Less talk, more rock. You’ll learn way more from taking action than from studying every single blog post and ebook out there.

Also, like everything, consistency is key to success. You won’t grow a massive audience overnight. It will take some time and effort but the rewards will be massive.

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