How to Break Free From The Things Holding You Back in Life

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You need to challenge yourself.

The majority of people do not do this or engage in this perspective for a number of reasons.

The majority associate pain with the challenge.

Yes, a challenge is inherently painful.

But, what most don’t see is the glory that manifests on the other side of going through that challenge.

Real winners associate challenge with improvement and victory. Losers associate challenge with just pain and misery and are unable to see the victory that resides on the other side of that challenge.

The majority are addicted to comfort and pleasure.

As human beings, we naturally pursue pleasure and avoid pain.

This is natural, but it is a weak perspective from the standpoint of personal growth.

Most people will give in to their natural inclination to purely chase comfort and pleasure while avoiding all forms of pain and discomfort. This is exactly the reason why the majority are miserable and weak.

If you want to actually become a real winner within all facets of your life, you must walk in the opposite direction and engage in counter-intuitive action.

It’s highly counter-intuitive to consciously place yourself in uncomfortable situations within the short term so that you can improve and get stronger in the long term.

Our society pushes the narrative of comfort and taking the “easy road.”

Look all around you within society.

“Lose 50 pounds by eating chocolate.”

“Get six-pack abs in 6 minutes of work.”

“Make $200,000 in a weekend with one simple dropshipping trick.”

Advertisements for fast food companies.

Constant distraction from technology.

These are all societal ploys to seduce you into taking the easy path, yet they actually make your life much harder.

Making easy choices leads to a harder life while making hard choices leads to a beautifully extraordinary and easy life.

1. Health

You must challenge your body or else you will become soft, fat, and weak.

You must place yourself under the pressure of evolutionary adaptation.

You must lift heavyweights.

You must sweat on a daily basis.

You must push through that last 10 minutes in the sauna.

The majority cannot even understand this kind of psychology because they are so deeply entrenched within the idea that their comfortable lifestyle will lead to the easiest kind of life.

Avoid the mentality of the majority at all costs.

If you are struggling with your health, it is because you have made the most obvious and easy choices while totally rejecting the hard choices.

2. Relationships

You must have that difficult conversation.

You must compliment and love the other person for who they are.

You must show tough love so that they understand your purpose and position as a lover of growth.

You must set aside your ego for the sake of the relationship quality.

You must listen attentively and be fully present.

The majority are so fucking dysfunctional in their relationships that it’s hard to even comprehend for those who come from a healthier perspective.

If you are struggling with your relationships, it is because you have made the most obvious and easy choices while totally rejecting the hard choices.

3. Finances

You must invest for the long term at the expense of the short term.

You must learn to live like a broke person for some time.

You must stop spending money on dumb shit that you do not need to impress others who you do not really care about at the end of the day.

You must think in terms of assets and liabilities.

You must surround yourself with people of wealth.

The majority live paycheck to paycheck, looking for the next gadget or car to buy. The majority is of the broke mentality.

If you are literally broke, it is because you made the easy financial decisions that were swayed by emotion instead of logic.

4. Mindset

You must make the emotionally difficult decision within any situation.

You must think from a place of perspective and nuance instead of black and white.

You must think for yourself, in an independent manner.

You must upgrade your psychology, crush your limiting beliefs, and attain a new level of wisdom.

The majority are really herded animals, like sheep. They simply go with the flow of the cultural narrative and suffer the unconsciously gained consequences as a result.

To Conclude

Your ability to make the hard choices and consciously place yourself through uncomfortable situations will yield you the results that you are truly looking for.

The good life is not to be found in making emotionally easy choices and just coasting through life.

As a matter of fact, making emotionally easy choices and coasting through life will make your life the hardest it has ever been because you become weak — both mentally and physically.

Root out this fucking weakness in yourself and start making difficult decisions in favor of your future self.

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