Video of rare shark that actually walks by the shore

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When you think of sharks, you probably think of great white sharks or maybe a tiger shark from a movie. Or maybe you went on vacation and even saw a small shark at a fishing pier. But there is a completely different kind of shark out there: some incredible footage of a walking shark has surfaced.

The walking shark is called and moves along the coral reefs of the Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea to examine tales of a new species of walking shark.

Above you will see the tan-and-black-speckled shark that uses its fins to drag itself through a tide pool. Scientists believe that the capacity to walk originated as a way to enable these creatures to find food in areas that other sharks could not.

Facts About Walking Sharks

This species of sharks is usually less than 1m in length, with a slim body and a short head and broad paired fins. Adults are light brown on top with indistinct lines and scattered dark spots. The juveniles look different as they have light and dark bands that typically fade with age. The coloring provides a form of camouflage to these creatures and helps them avoid predators.

While these sharks are considered relatively harmless to humans, they can in fact bite a human, so it is best to not try to touch them if you do see one in person.

For more information on these sharks, you can watch the Island of Walking Sharks on Discovery Plus here.

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