Why thousands of people are leaving California and going to Washington every year

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According to the state of Washington's population estimates, Washington’s current population at 7,766,975. But that number will only keep going up. From 2020 to 2021, 42,100 people moved to Washington state (this number is down 22,300 people from the average of the past decade likely due to the pandemic).

So why are so many people moving to Washington? Here are a few of the reasons.

Washington has low taxes.

There are massive tax advantages living in Washington, especially when compared to states such as California. In Washington state, there is zero income tax, which means as long as you work within the state border of Washington, you're not paying any additional income tax outside of your federal income tax. And that is a huge difference, especially if you're coming from California where income tax can be upwards of 10%. For more information visit the Washington government website here.

Washington does not have much traffic.

It's a totally different driving culture in Washington. Instead of the gridlock you'll find in California, Washington traffic is lighter than what you're used to. Just this difference cannot be overstated because it could easily mean the difference of spending hours of your time in traffic versus doing other things.

Washington has a lot of outdoor activities.

If you like outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, running, walking, or water sports, you'll be able to do them in Washington. You can also try your hand at boating, windsurfing, kayaking, mountain biking. If you like outdoor activities, there is no better place to live in the Pacific Northwest where you can be at the beach and about an hour 20 minutes or you can be at the mountains in about the same time.

Washington has a low cost of living.

If you are moving from California to Washington, you will be pleasantly surprised by the real estate prices in Washington. In many cases the cost is half what you'd expect. Let's look at the numbers behind the cost of living index. 100 would be the average for the entire United States. And if the cost of living index is below 100 It means that it's cheaper than average and if it's above 100, it means it's more expensive. For Los Angeles the cost of living index is 173 versus the cost of living in Spokane which is 103. So significantly closer to the average cost of living throughout the United States.

What do you love about Washington?

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