Incredible up-close video of killer whales a few feet from shore

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Get ready to see a once in a lifetime event. Amy B. was visiting Bella Bella Beach and shared some amazing video footage of a pod of Orcas swimming by. Here is the firsthand footage that Amy B. shared on Tiktok.

@elevate_addlepate Just relaxing at the beach and was reminded that Washington state is amazing. Bella Bella Beach, Fox Island. #orcatok #killerwhales #gigharborwashington #suprise #whalewatching ♬ ACDC Beegees mashup - Kim Austin

These orcas were seen on Bella Bella Beach which is also know as Fox Island DeMolay Sandspit. This beach is 3.56 acres in size and is found on the northeast tip of Fox Island.

Here are a couple quick facts about Orcas. According to Wikipedia, the orca or killer whale (Orcinus orca) is a toothed whale belonging to the oceanic dolphin family. It also the largest member of the family.

What To Do If You See An Orca

First and foremost, get to safety. These are dangerous wild animals, so give them the respect they deserve. Once you know you are at a safe distance, you can take a photo or video of the orca. If you are in a vessel on the water, according to Boat-Ed, it is unlawful to approach within 200 yards of a southern resident killer whale. Again, please stay safe and don't break the law.

If you see an Orca in the wild, you may want to fill out the WDFW wildlife reporting form. The information you provide will improve the confidence and value of the information provided by the WDFW species conservation and management.

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