Gas Prices Could Hit $10 a Gallon in California This Summer

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According to AAA, California’s average regular gas price is currently sitting at $6.297, the highest recorded average price ever. With summer coming up, the demand will be increased for travelers coming to the state, and it will hit local Californians hard.

If you don’t believe me yet, a gas station in Mendocino, CA, was reported to have a $9.50 a gallon gas price. And while the average is much lower, there are still places throughout the state making up the difference.

Why are the gas prices so high?

While we know that gas prices are up, it’s important to point out that gas prices have doubled in the last two years. This is in part due to higher demand than two years ago.

After all, two years ago, many states had restrictions due to Covid-19, which kept people off the roads. Now, everyone is trying to get back to normal with summer vacations. It’s this increase in driving that increasing demand.

There are also shortfalls in the oil supply now due to the Russian/Ukraine War, contracts being terminated in the Gulf of Mexico, and potentially political moves to increase EV cars on the roads.

Factoring in the higher demand and the lower supply, we know why prices are going through the rough. And it doesn’t look like it will let up any time soon.

When will prices go down?

With demand going up due to summer travel, prices will probably not go down until school resumes in the fall, especially as there seems to be no end to the war in Ukraine.

And while you may want to get out on a big vacation this summer, maybe it will be a summer where you and your family will be closer to home if the gas prices get up to $10 a gallon.

Or, by chance, we see the war in Ukraine end early, and potentially oil prices go down and gas prices. But I wouldn‘t count on it.

What do you think? Will gas prices get to $10? When do you think they will go down? Share in the comments below, and share this article with your friends.

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