Washington Education Association Expects Teacher Shortage To Grow Worse

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"Statewide teacher shortage to only get worse, impacting class sizes and the quality of kids' education." - Justin Fox-Bailey, WEA Board Member

Burnout, lack of support, standardized test focus, and low pay are killing the teaching profession around the state and the United States. Then, there are the issues of school shootings, legislative requirements, and the fact that not as many people are getting degrees in school.

In Washington State, schools offer bonuses, higher pay, and other incentives to get teachers into classrooms. However, with a shortage of potential new teachers and many teachers retiring after COVID-19, the incentives aren't making up for pitfalls.

Lack of Teachers Puts Students At Risk

School districts are trying to get more new teachers by creating teacher hiring events. These events develop options for multiple potential candidates to show up on the spot, complete an interview, and potentially receive job offers. 

Now, these new hires may not be the best fit for the rest of the staff in the schools or the populations they will help to educate, but school districts don't have many options.

Though, a genuine concern for the Washington Education Association is having to hire teachers without teaching certificates.

"If we have to make class sizes bigger because we just can't fill positions, or maybe somebody is taking over temporarily who maybe doesn't have the same certification," Fox-Bailey said.

At the time of writing this article, thousands of openings across the state with public schools, private schools, and higher education. With so many openings and the potential for larger classrooms, it will start making people think twice about sending their kids to school, along with all the other concerns we have in the world today.

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