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The Coffee Culture In Spokane Is Very Welcoming This Spring

J.R. Heimbigner

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The sunshine is starting to come out in Spokane, and now is a great time to get out to some of our local coffee shops. To some, the coffee culture in Spokane is entirely underground.

Yet, it is growing into more than drive-thru coffee stands and a Starbucks at every corner. There are three great places that you need to check out this spring, and you will probably end up being a big fan of one of them.

Let's look at some great coffee shops to frequent now that we can go inside, sit down, and enjoy a good cup of coffee.

Indaba Coffee

Now, to be fair, Indaba Coffee has five locations in the heart of Spokane. You can find them downtown by the Riverpark Square with two locations, two more locations along Kendall Yards, and the original location near Broadway and Walnut.

Indaba Coffee's unique is that the owner, Bobby Enslow, grew up right here in Spokane, Washington. His story about creating a single coffee shop that would impact his city is fantastic. You can read more here. Most of all, he has a commitment to his community and his coffee.

Most shops have sit-down seating ranging from a modest size for a coffee shop in Spokane to a few tables depending on the location. All of them offer a variety of food that is sourced locally as well. If you were to stop by one of these locations, you might even catch owner Enslow serving your coffee.

Revel 77

This coffee business has been on my radar for quite some time. Not simply because I drive past it practically every time, I go to the supermarket. Friends have recently told me how much they enjoy the coffee at Revel 77 on multiple occasions.

You are greeted by an oddly modern but welcoming environment when you enter the business. I liked the food items as much as the coffee on both visits to the coffee shop.

One of the most innovative and creative things I've seen them do is figure out how to supply coffee during the pandemic. I've heard that they were one of the first places to make half-gallon bottles of "lattes to go." They've also put in a lot of effort to keep the doors open and find ways to help the community.

Ladder Coffee Roasters

This is another multi-location coffee shop, similar to Indaba. Browne's Addition, Spokane Valley, West Francis, and North Monroe are the four places where Ladder Coffee may be found. On their website, they also offer a coffee subscription service.

This is yet another story of finding a coffee love in Spokane that has gone far above the proprietors' expectations. More about their tale can be found here.

I've visited two of the sites and thoroughly loved each cup of coffee. My wife and I checked out the coffee subscription during the start of the pandemic and found it to be worthwhile. We pick up our coffee in person again now that we can go into coffee shops.

Final Thoughts

If you live here in the Spokane area, what is your favorite coffee shop to go to and why? It's always helpful to learn more about the great places we could stop in and support our community. If you think your friends might like this post, feel free to share it!

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